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Have just Updated my Computer to a i 9 9900k with 16 Gigs of DDR 4 Memory on a Strix Z 390 - E MB , Still using the old GTX 1070 8 Gig card.
Hi mate,
I have to go to work, but the offer on the HP is solid, but won't be able to complete the deal till later this afternoon, (offline) should you accept it.
Hope that is Ok.
Thank you very much, let me know where i can send postage costs.
address is:
Simon Blakemore
23 inverness rd
Worcester Park
KT4 8pt.

Thanks again.
Thanks for the endorsement of Rel subs. They're great quality subs.
Racy Jace
Racy Jace
No worries. They are good as I've a q150 that I had for 20 years. I've now xtz 12.17 Edge that is in a different league all together.
Casimir, I dont know if this is on your review list , City on the Hill, produced by Ben Affleck staring Kevin Bacon , made by Showtime via Sky , imagine, an amalgam of The Town, Departed, NYPB Blue and more , it's very good Regards Charlie
hi - hope everything's ok. just to let you know you won Detroit in the giveaway last week so check your pms…;)
Hi mate, sorry to bother you directly. Have you tried to connect a HTPC/MediaPlayer/BD player to the HDMI IN (ARC) of the Sony HT-X8500 soundbar and get a Dolby Atmos signal playing a proper file ?
Apparently in the specs it states that only the HDMI OUT (eARC) supports Dolby Atmos....which of course would be very disappointing...

Many thanks.
Hi. Your inbox is full and I can’t send you details for payment for Cap Marvel.
I'm not a mod for that forum so cannot help, sorry.
Hi Garrett,

No worries, do you know how I can find someone who is?
Its just under the main part of the name of that part of the forum slightly right of centre I just looked and the mods are Zone and Lee.
Mate sorry to bother you. I just got a refurb 65xf9005 and I think I can see the x pattern in the middle of the screen. I could maybe live with it if I was sure it wasn’t a big fault as the tv was £1000.
Did you ever get yours sorted?
Hi, I have been reading through your Anthem ARC posts, as I have had the same issues, ie, detail goes missing and a huge compression of dynamic range when ARC is on. However, when ARC is off it sounds superb. Any help would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Miles.
Hi G


The comments section on the above thread isn't visible. When I link to the page it flashes up for a second and then flickers and becomes blank. Other threads/pages I'm linking to are fine, just this one causing problems.

Hi James, I was wondering if you could please send me the Guru's email address. I have an MRX-1120 and I have Genesis. I am not convinced that I am getting the best out of ARC. I find dynamic range to be lacking in comparison to ARC turned off (post measurement), and I am wondering if I have a setting wrong or one that should be adjusted. Hopefully the Guru can help me. Thank you. Regards, Miles
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