The future of surround sound? Auro 3D

Auro Technologies CEO explains why his invention could be the future of surround sound in the cinema and at home.

by Phil Hinton Mar 16, 2014 at 7:40 PM

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    The future of surround sound? Auro 3D
    Galaxy Studios owner and Auro Technologies CEO Wilfried Van Baelen invited AVForums to pay a visit to their state of the art facilities in Belgium recently. In the accompanying video, Wilfried takes viewers on a tour of the studio and also explains in great detail the benefits and technology behind their new surround system, Auro 3D.

    There are of course competing formats in the market, which claim to offer the most immersive new surround experience in cinema sound but Van Baelen thinks that his system is the most compelling, based on the fact that it uses existing speaker layouts and technology to which you add the extra dimension. It is also fully backwards compatible in the cinema and home cinema market, which means it can be adopted easily, without changing any of the existing standards or specifications for Blu-ray and home playback systems.

    If you have any interest in cinema and home cinema sound, this 23 minute video tour is certainly worthy of your time and we would be interested in what your thoughts are when it comes to adding yet more speakers to your existing home cinema systems.

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