CES 2018 News: LG Display demos 8K and Roll-Up OLED TVs

Who needs a projector when you've got a roll-up OLED?

by Steve Withers Jan 11, 2018 at 6:37 PM

  • LG Display invited us to a private demonstration of their latest professional and consumer screen innovations.
    Naturally there were plenty of OLED panels on display including a video wall that is already sold to the professional market, along with various LCD and OLED signage. There was even a touch sensitive LCD screen that you could interact with and even write on. They were also showing the wallpaper OLED panel that forms the basis of LG Elrctronic's W7 and W8 OLED TVs

    However pride of place went to LG Display's latest examples of OLED innovation, all of which we can expect to see arriving in some form of consumer product over the next few years. There was the Crystal Sound OLED which uses actuators to vibrate the panel, thus turning the screen into a speaker in much the same as Sony's 'Acoustic Surface' on the A1 and new AF8. LG Display were demonstrating the benefits of Crystal Sound by moving the sound of water droplets across the screen and the results certainly impressed.

    They also had their prototype 88-inch 8K OLED TV on show and this behemoth uses a 7680 x 4320 panel with 33 million pixels. The image on this giant OLED looked seriously impressive and whilst there might not be any native 8K content at the moment, the combination of superior scaling and the additional pixels allows for lower resolution content to benefit, in much the same way as Full HD content did on early 4K screens.

    However LG Display saved the best for last, with their roll-up 4K 65-inch OLED screen. This demo really impressed as the OLED TV literal rolled up out of a box until the screen was completely visible. The fact that the screen was actually on as it unrolled was especially impressive. OLED has always had this potential but actually seeing it in action makes the possibility of a huge roll-up OLED a viable alternative to a projector one day. The screen could also roll-up partially so that just a part of the screen is visible and used for things like news, weather and social media.

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