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  • Very big disappointment

    From the review at this site I had quite high expectations of it. But it turs to be a huge disappointment.
    At first it does not work with my Denon X3100 - there is no picture at all if output set to "auto".
    When connected directly to TV it works with [email protected], but than I can have only plain stereo sound.

    Further it can not play a lot of files from my collection of shop's TV demos. Especially troubles it has with Samsung HDR demos - it offers me to switch to 1080p and on some clips it just hangs.

    Yes, hanging is another big problem. Many times even power cycle does not help. I need to disconnect both HDMI & LAN cables, wait till clocks appears on the device display and than reconnect HDMI/LAN.

    Also I have not found how to play video in "pass-through" mode, like Kodi on my RPi did. It always upscale all videos to 4k (or downscale 4k to 1080p if output fixed to 1080p) what is really annoying for 3D SBS or Over-Under videos, since my TV (Panasonic 58DX904) does not allow to switch 3D on for 4k input.

    Automated turning 3D on for SBS/OU videos, like Kodi on RPi is doing (when file is properly named) is not working at all in ZDMC (their own Kodi clone). The only case when 3D is properly handled is with MVC 3D ISOs

    Testing with HDR demos was also bad. Some of the files it can not play at all, while internal player of Panasonic TV plays them with no issues.

    On many 4k videos, especially the ones with high bit rate, it has has a huge jitter. And it can not be network issues, because TV connected to the same switch, but with 100M ethernet connection plays all these files very smoothly.

    As a result after several days testing I returned it to the shop.

    I don't understand how it has got 9, while Himedia Q10 I tested before got only 8? Q10 at least plays all my demo tests and the only (but quite annoying) issue I had with it - it kills HDMI-CEC.
    This item was purchased for E139 in 2016 .


    • Perfectly working HDMI-CEC
    • HDMI input


    • Bad support for 4k playback
    • Issues with HDR
    • Constantly hanging
    • No "passthough" playback
    • Bad support for 3D formats




    Yes a quite dreadful device. Whilst passthrough worked in Kodi for me I had some audio sync problems and stuttering in playback. Typical buggy android player not worth the time.
    I don't understand this user review. For me it's the best player i've ever had.
    Having problems with playback in the audio departement?
    Try the new firmware version1.2.7 and work your way through the settings.
    It does everything i want and even BETTER.(out of the box the device comes with version 1.2.3)
    I have wasted money on cheap streamers in the past until i found Minix.
    After buying the Minix Neo X7 and X8 i have turned to this Zidoo X9S and i have no regrets whatsoever.
    Giving it a 5 is not entirely honest i.m.h.o.
    I want to give it at least 9 out of 10.
    Especially because of the many devices its supports an how quick it starts up.
    Pictures and movies are looking very bright and brilliant.
    Together with a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard this really ads something to my home.
    It also has Sata 3.0 interface, have never seen that with competitors in this pricerange.
    * TF card reader SD card interface . Support 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB
    * IR receiver
    * Composite video and audio port (Cvbs output)
    * S/SPDIF (2CH, 5.1CH)
    * SATA3.0
    * VFD display
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