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    For quite a long time I wanted to procure a soundbar, and with the recent Black Friday, I managed to afford the Wharfedale 200s.
    Dear reader, this is my very first soundbar.

    After unpacking, and connecting the Soundbar to the Samsung TV, the TV has no external ports, except for the optical port.
    I had to purchase the optical cable extra at a cost of R80.

    Unfortunately none of the cables that came with was able to be used as the TV (Smart TV) was not sufficiently scoped.

    The sound of the bar is truly from my little experience very good, the clarity is tremendous, and one can even hear the little sounds generated in the background.
    I am really happy with this device, maybe because I am not used to better, but for me, for a first time sound bar user, the experience was exactly what I was looking for.

    The cons: I feel I must point out, it is not major, however I feel it must be mentioned.
    The remote control. This is the type of remote you get when you buy a cheap dvd player, one of those small flat remotes. I feel with such a smart bar, the remote control is of very low quality. If the room is a bit dark, none of the digits can be seen. It is a bit of a let down.
    There is only 1 HDMI port

    Generally I am very happy with the product, and for my needs it is perfect.
    Thank You
    This item was purchased for R2800 from Sound Experience Online in 2020 . The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Very sleek and modern looking
    • Really clear sound.


    • The remote control does not compliment the product.
    • Only 1 HDMI port.




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