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  • Deal breaking issues

    Well I’ve got my 200s and been demo’ing it for a few hours and it’s not great.

    You can’t really wall mount it in any neat way, the HDMI connection is very close to the top of the soundbar and the mounting brackets leave a 5cm gap between the bar and the wall so cables are all on display, no design thought has gone into this at all - its almost laughable. (The only way round this would be to fit it tight up under the TV to hide the cables)

    I am not exaggerating by saying that the remote could have come out of a Christmas cracker it’s so tiny - again it’s laughable.

    With TV and films the subwoofer rumbles slightly even when there’s just dialog as if it’s trying to join in - a bit like a muffled morse code or wind blowing on a microphone, it’s very distracting.
    Music suffers from the same problem. Sigrid’s I Don’t Feel Like Crying has the sub “quietly tapping” in the intro but then sounds fine as the track picks up.
    Kate Bush’s And Dream of Sheep is ruined by the sub “tapping”, Waking the Witch sounds pretty good but only when you get to the middle of the track when there is much more happening. Khruangbin live at Pitchfork on YouTube sounded pretty damn good all the way through because the bass is more demanding and the sub has a job to do.
    If you ignore the issues with the sub, the overall sound is also a bit odd like a slight virtual effect has been applied to everything (even in Music Mode) This can make some tracks sound impressive but then others are just weird and thin. Basically it’s hit and miss with music, which makes no use at all really.

    This feels like an OK sound bar with a sub woofer that is taking away more than its adds overall.

    *After more listening I do wonder if it’s faulty or this is what you get for £219, either way it’s going back to Richer Sounds.
    This item was purchased for £219 from Richer Sounds in 2019 . The reviewer still owns this product.


    • You get a sub


    • ...but the sub ruins the experience.




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