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    War of the Worlds 4k UHD Blu Ray projected.

    2005!!! Jesus, 15 years ago, i had to double check. This was the last film i watched at the cinema with my big bro..fear not, hes still with us, we've just drifted over the years. Funny how films can interlock a memory, or moment in time, that never leaves us.

    Even when I was youngster, i was fascinated by the original war of the worlds thanks to my old man. The snake like hiss/vibration the searching head gives off will never leave me and the same goes for the primary colour flashes of RGB, snd it's also nice to see this carried over to this remake.

    It's a very recognisable Spielberg affair, and didn't have that much to do with the Story in all honesty, a lot of the main parts from the original that i remember ( which aint much lol, the searcher, the hiss, and the Red, Green and Blue flashes) Carry over to this. I thought it was a solid cast, Tom cruise, don't get the hate for the guy, just me and Mrs N in our household who like him. He's just ever reliable and solid. Dakota fanning, granted, she's a newbie in this, but just far too much screaming and screeching lol. Tim Robbins plays the crazy dude perfectly well for the amount time he shows his face.

    What i did like is the darker tone and build up from Spielberg, with regards to the menacing skyline, as darkness encroaches over the occupied land, and this theme continues, kind of making you sink down the sofa a little, with that apocalyptic feel, quiet roads, eery and sureal, that is until mankind meet up again. It's a fight for survival, protect you and your own, and i get it. I know it's not everyone's favourite Spielberg outing, and it's not mine, but it's a decent watch, especially after so long.

    PQ, so after a long wait from the blu ray release, I'm pretty certain you will all be glad to know this is a big upgrade, i didn't realise how much until i stuck the accompanying blu ray on straight after. The 4k trounced it, making the blu ray look like DVD, no lie. There's still plenty of grain, as you would expect from this era of Spielberg, same as Minority Report ( dear lord, yes please for a 4k version) but it's so much more detailed and filmic, also the darker colour tone..the encroaching dark swirl of clouds, with flashes of light on the 4k are so much richer, the blu ray scene of this is pale and eased out, if that makes sense? It doesn't draw the image in like the 4k disc can. Rhe deep dark reds of congealed blood, as it's sprayed across the farmland are rich and deep, the blu ray just can't keep up.

    SQ, again i did a direct ( ear to ear) comparison of the DTS-HD blu ray track and the Dolby Atmos track on the 4k disc..I've heard mentions of muted bass on the Atmos track, i would say I didn't notice much if any difference at all..the DTS-HD track is excellent, but this Amtos track only builds on this,.with that extra layer and openness. Just listen to the Storm scene!! Flashes and bolts of lightening that just intensify, it's so so good, sharp blasts from above and behind, building and building, it's a sonic treat. This is where the HD track couldn't keep up, as good as it is, the room filling ability of the immersive track wins out...One of the Tripods reveals itself on the hillside, at the ferry crossing..That huge bellowing horn just obliterates the soundstage, not harsh, just deep and cohesive, held together by sonic gel. And this is me using the thin KEF T105 series package, it's making me want some fuller speakers and I'm happy as hell with mine lol.

    Without a doubt, this is an upgrade and I'm very happy. Top Gun 4k tomorrow night!! No cups on coffe tables were harmed when testing out the 2 audio tracks lol.
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