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  • A Nightmare On Yonder Street

    Vivarium has such an intriguingly bizarre concept that it hooked me in immediately from the start. Beginning with some overt symbolism detailing the characteristics of cuckoos, no time is wasted in throwing Eisenberg and Poots right into the middle of the antithesis of idyllic suburbia. It might be stating the obvious (but I’m going to say it anyway) to say that director Lorcan Finnegan’s vision is a blend of Lynchian eerie-ness and a storyline from The Twilight Zone. Whilst Vivarium does have a flirtation with horror and sci-fi, it‘s more like a combo of a downbeat fairytale and the weirdest dream that you’ve ever had.

    This was always going to be the sort of film where the remainder of the story could not live up to the initial premise and, by the midway point, I was prepared for much more questions than answers. I was prepared for screenwriter Garret Shanley not to offer the answers I’d be looking for. At the risk of sounding like a pretentious, arty type - nothing could be further from the truth as I’m probably more at home with a Die Hard, Jackie Chan film or many other less cerebral forms of celluloid entertainment - is a deliberately abstract piece that is completely left to the viewer’s interpretation. In addition to the possible themes already mentioned in Kumari’s review, I read that it could be a metaphor for how the companies selling to us are actually the consumers and we are the products. It is indeed very timely and topical with the message that the things we have always taken for granted can be taken away much quicker than you would have ever contemplated.

    Vivarium is definitely a divisive piece of work as already proven with the critical and user reviews that I’ve read (and of course the reaction on this thread). Many won‘t make it very far. I was invested enough to reach the denouement (with my wife in tow, who had watched parts of it with me). At the credits, my wife looked at me with a puzzled stare and I just looked back. If you’re a first time buying couple (not that you can at the moment) watching this, then you’ll probably decide to extend your living arrangements with the folks for, maybe, forever.
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    • Great concept
    • Eisenberg and Poots
    • A foreboding sense of relentless weirdness


    • More questions than answers




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