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  • Decor M9 = Absolute garbage

    1) I have been working with internet since its inception at AOL.
    2) I IT for 3 companies and have for more than 20 years.
    3) The Decor M9 is touted to have a range for over 4500 ft sq. : it can't pick up a link 40 feet away with minimal blockage.
    4) I had to get support TWICE to get this damned thing working.
    5) when I did get it up and running, by moving the second module 15 ft closer, it gave a clean signal, no problems.
    6) Then, when I went in to study the configuration via IP sign in, it says : Wrong password. I have 6 devise netted to this: NO WAY is it the wrong password. (Add to the insecurity that the system is usable ONLY with an IPhone app (which grants them a bridge to your IPhone info)
    7) I contacted tp-Link 6 days ago to assist in dealing with that error of not being able to loin via IP.
    8) This morning I received a message with a link to reset the password: it leads directly to tp-link 'accounts'.
    9) Against my better judgement, I reset the password: which did absolutely NO difference. I still cannot sign in.
    10: Summary: This may be a fine system for those that don't care about security, and don't mind having some off-shore outfit able to log into your complete system, which usually grants rights to ALL your information, but is is not for me. The support people don't have a clue: same questions asked and answered 5 or 6 times. Nearly impossible to talk to a tech, and when you do you have to explain the situation over and over, and as in the above case they still didn't get it right.
    11) I'm not even going to try to resell this: I'll write off the $250 instead of foisting it off on some other unsuspecting soul.

    DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP. By a reputable brand, and a good, or couple of good extender (s).
    This item was purchased for 250 from store in 2021 . The reviewer still owns this product.


    • nothing


    • just about everything, but insecurity is a biggie, as well as the support truly is poor, and the inability to manage it is the worst I've seen in 38 years of working with a computer




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