Top Gun 4K Blu-ray user review

  • Made for the UHD/ATMOS era

    This Atmos soundtrack is the stuff of dreams! This is why we gear up & spoil our ears...To be bombarded from all angles by alarmingly accurate special effects & planted in scenes with the characters on screen. It’s just seamless how every sound moves around you & flows from one speaker to another, enhanced by an onslaught of bass. There are zero issues here with the sound. Everything compliments each other – & what’s more stunning is the clarity of dialogue mixed in with the barrage of chaos happening at the same time. Demo.

    Visually, you can tell they put in some effort to bring this up to 4K standard. This film’s from the 80’s so we know not to expect anything top shelf here, but it’s worthy of the format. There were no real shockers of scenes. Very solid with great detail throughout.

    Can’t help admiring old mate Tom Cruise when watching this. He’s been in this caper for almost 40 years & still remains relevant. He’s at the top of his game here & seeing Val Kilmer rising with him + Michael Ironside, Tom Skerritt & James Tolkan still have the impact in their roles, overall, makes this a highlight UHD BD release in my collection.
    This item was purchased for AU$20 from Kicks in 2020 . The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Atmos soundtrack
    • Work gone into converting the video to 4K
    • Classic film made much better thanks to a great transfer
    • Decent amount of Extras for fans




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Top Gun 4K Blu-ray

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