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  • Enjoyable Shark Romp or 4K Demo Disk. You choose!

    This is about the same length as A Quiet Place. But whereas I was riveted from beginning to end with A Quiet Place, here I was varying between strong and mild interest. That's a little unfair though because it is an excellent film.

    Picture Quality
    This is a Sony 4k disc and up to this point that means that you can guarantee stunning picture quality. The level of colours, light and details is excellent. There aren't too many better looking discs and as such can be used to demo your shiny 4k system.

    Sound Quality
    This is where I would disagree with a previous user review. I found the Atmos to be available right from the start with birds flying and waves surrounding you. But I definitely agree that when you go underwater, you feel it and hear it because of the Atmos track. Again there may be better discs but not many, this is a 4K demo disc.

    Overall an enjoyable film, not always quite as tense as A Quiet Place but I was never board. Blake Lively gives an outstanding solo performance which makes me wonder why I haven't heard more about Mrs Ryan Reynolds.

    Stunning picture quality and immersive Atmos soundtrack means that this is has 4k Demo written all over it.
    This item was purchased from eBay in 2019 . The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Excellent Picture quality
    • Excellent Immersive Atmos mix
    • Interesting Story
    • Doesn't outstay it's welcome
    • Blake Lively gives an outstanding solo performance


    • Not quite as tense in some scenes but I'm nitpicking




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