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  • The best Netflix series to date

    So much detail & 80s nostalgia, I'm blown away. They went as far as finding a Kristy McNichols look a like in Millie. Kudos for pulling the Neverending story style of interruption at the most pivotal moments like Atreyu is about to lose Artex to the swamp or the Childlike Empress and others are in major danger and time is of the essence when suddenly it flashes back to Bastion shutting windows or being chased by bullies, the singing was perfect way to intwine the films feel. Neverending story had 2 sequels and span the 80s. It was such a big part of my 80s childhood so thanks. This show has given new meaning to the words 80s nostalgia. Thanks again. We can't wait for more & hope you will go on at least a few more seasons. Best show ever on Netflix and that's big praise as we really loved Vampire Diaries too.


    • 80s Nostalgia details & wonderful cast
    • Great plot, mystery & with a fear twist around every corner. Like all my favorite 80s movies in one


    • Talk of ending next season




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