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  • Johno0885
    ZULU 4k Remastered
    Review of Zulu Movie by Johno0885, Jul 8, 2019.
    Originally had this on DVD played through projector on 120" screen and was blurry and unwatchable.
    Bought the 50th Anniversary Blu Ray version and there was no comparison , All the Colours stood
    out with every bit of detail in this Fully Remastered Version of the 1964 release.
    This was taken from the 70mm original , truly remarkable with Sir Michael Caine in his first
    Major Role as Lieutenant Gonville Broomhead , Stanley Baker as Lieutenant John Chard of
    the Royal Marines , Mangosuthu Buthelezi as Zulu King Cetewayo the real to life Great Grandson
    to the Zulu King , Jack Hawkins as the Reverand Otto Witt ,Nigel Green as Colour Sergeant
    Frank Bourne , James Booth as Private Henry Hook.
    The Battle took place in 1897 at Rorkes Drift in Natal , but not the actual location see on film.
    The real battle took place about 100 km away.
    There was about 1500 English Soldiers that were cut to pieces by about 4000 Zulu Impis .
    A company of British Army 24th Regiment had a small Supply Depot and Hospital of 139 Soldiers.
    It was a Missionary Station mostly with the sick in Hospital.
    They were informed of an attack of 4000 Zulu but instead of fleeing they Held ground.
    The Soldiers were armed with a one Shot Breach Loading Martin Henry .577/450 Round.
    How the soldiers fought were a mixture of tactics of standing and firing with a line in front
    ready to stand while they loaded then stood then repeated.
    For a film of its time very well done , On release on 22rd Jan 1964 , on its 85th Anniversary
    of the actual battle shown at the Plaza Theater in the West End of London.
    In 2017 Time Out Magazine Ranked Zulu the 93rd Best British Film Ever.
    Running time 138 minutes , Rated PG.
    Be sure to Watch Zulu Dawn before watching Zulu as the Proud English get Massacred.
    Richard Burton gives Dialogue at beginning and End of Film.


    • Digitally Remastered
    • Special Features
    • Good story line


    • None


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