Zappiti Duo 4K HDR User Review

  • daveteauk
    Zappiti Mini has issues with LG TV's and DTS-HDMA
    Review of Zappiti Duo 4K HDR Streamer by daveteauk, Nov 18, 2017.
    This cannot output DTS-HD through the Optical output as, according to Zappiti, there's a licence fee to pay, which they don't pay, so we don't get it!! Why don't you pay it Zappiti, as your streamers are THE most expensive around?! DTS-HD IS available through HDMI though, which is ok IF one has a receiver which can use HDMI passthrough (mine can't!!). So I'm stuffed. Although I believe that one can BUY a special HDMI adapter which splits the Video/Audio stream so one can take audio to a reciever seperately - this should be supplied in the box IMHO. Also, there's an issue with the Zappiti used with an LG TV as the TV automatically switches the HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour on, which one cannot stop, then the Zappiti will not show a picture - at all!! Only sound - but not even that if it's the aforementioned DTS-HD!! Maybe it could be solved if the mini had a Wired SPDIF output like it's bigger brothers, but it doesn't. But an AVForum member has helped (thanks mtenga) by directing me to the 'Developer Options' section in the Zappiti menu system, where one can turn off 'Deep Colour' there, which did solve the issue. Having Deep Colour enabled on both devices sends them into a head spin, and you get no picture! Apart from these issues - it's (or the bigger versions at least) a great streamer, with all the positives of the AVForum review of the Duo. Maybe the answer is to buy the middle version, for just several pounds more, which has wired SPDIF, although that model is considerably larger than the Mini.
    This item was purchased for 225 from online. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Ease of setup and use.
    • Quick respone times to input.
    • Easy to navigate your files.


    • Doesn't 'do' DTS-HD out of the Digita Optical out.
    • Won't output a picture when an LG OLED has HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour turned on, turn off Deep Colour on the Zappiti.!

    Build Quality




    Networking, Internet, Streaming quality




    Set up, Menus, Remote


    Value for Money



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