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  • lucasisking
    Yeah, Baby
    Review of Baby Driver Movie by lucasisking, Jun 28, 2017.

    A thoroughly enjoyable breath of fresh air for 2017 after a sequence of stale blockbusters. Stylish, snappy and unmistakeably Edgar Wright (although not as stylistically extreme as Scott Pilgrim), with a killer soundtrack, fantastic story, terrific set pieces -in and out of the cars- and a cast of rich characters. Ansel Elgort is a very likeable lead as 'Baby' (a breakout comparable to Taron Edgerton in Kingsman perhaps?); Spacey and Hamm were excellent, and Eiza Gonzalez is delectable as Hamm's sultry crime partner and lover. She doesn't have much to do, but my word. Jaime Foxx stole all his scenes; despite playing the same kind of role he always plays, it was a good fit for this. There's also a pleasant subplot with Baby's surrogate Uncle, which was extremely tender and sweet. Very funny in places too, yet also dark when it needs to be, and the action is all practical without a noticeable fallback on CGI. Atlanta also makes a nice change from New York/ LA/ Chicago.

    Yet, before we get too carried away, I wasn't 'blown away' liked I hoped I would be. I thought it took a while to find its groove, and I wasn't particularly keen on the ending. Far too little Jon Bernthal too, inexplicably. Yet I walked out feeling like I'd enjoy it more on repeat viewings. Thinking about it, it may even find its way into my 2017 top ten. And as cheeky crime capers go, it's a more satisfying watch than Free Fire; we'll have to see if Logan Lucky can beat it.


    • Great soundtrack
    • Wonderful car stunts and action scenes
    • Heartfelt story with likeable characters and an engaging lead
    • Strong cast support especially Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey
    • It's an Edgar Wright film!


    • Doesn't quite do enough to excel
    • Unsure ending
    • Misses a few beats in the second act


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