Warcraft: The Beginning User Review

  • slackbladder
    Would I like it? Well...yes.
    Review of Warcraft: The Beginning UHD Blu-ray by slackbladder, Oct 21, 2016.
    I didn't get the chance to see this film at the cinema and was originally not in a rush to get the UHD Blu-ray. However I had read reviews and decided to get it to add to my meagre UHD collection.
    The film itself is better than I expected. No serious uncanny valley issues with the CG. In fact the Orcs are generally well done. I did feel though that it was obvious a lot of the supposedly outdoor scenes were done on a filmstage but apart from that it was fine.
    Special effects were good. Nice to see magic actually looking powerful in a film for once.
    Performances were okay, if somewhat unmemorable. And the story was at least not as cliched as I expected.
    The Picture Quality was stunning. Yet to watch the Blu-ray version.
    So yeah, I did like it.
    This item was purchased for £23.99 from Amazon.co.uk in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Exceptional picture quality
    • Excellent sound



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