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    Review of Yamaha YSP-2500 Soundbar by ApophisUK, Jan 9, 2015.
    ...when you want the best of all worlds. I basically have run and enjoyed various 5.1 home cinema systems the last of which was a sony one about 8 years ago. Recently I mounted my tv above the fireplace and treated myself to a Samsung 751 soundbar with wireless sub (I paid £550 from pc world). That bar was a good all-rounder, but also aethestically smart beneath the Samsung 55" smart led tv. My outlaws recently bought a yamaha 4300 after I got them into the idea of cinema sound without the clutter of speakers or task of running/hiding cables. The 4300 is superb, crisp, loud and a sub that offers 'cinema' quality bass. I found myself contemplating the new yamaha 2500 partly as my budget was not up to the 4300 and also as I like bluetooth music streaming on. You samsung which the 4300 doesn't have. Yes, the Samsung looks nicer and yes, its power output is pretty much boasted as double that of the yamaha 2500 but after the richer sounds salesman said it was worth the replastering of my wall for the fixed plug. It was and is now in.


    Superb clarity of sound, clearer than the Samsung 751 for sure and nearly as loud even being half the power reported.
    Subwoofer really packs a cinema quality punch, again pips the Samsung which is still a great bass producer.
    Dsp modes much better on yamaha and 3 memories for favoured settings great which means you can play with the 'target' mod and scare all your friends around the room as the sound sweeps past them a if you've picked the bar up and literally pointed it straight at them even if the are at 45+ degrees angle from the yamaha 2500
    Ease of setup - simple with electronic ear doing all the work as you leave the room whilst it does its magic
    Looks - it's still a smart looking expensive feeling bar. The sub is heavy and the casing metallic feeling. The adjustable feet are a good idea too.
    Best for - action and sci-fi movie fans or even drama with a lot of dialogue as voices are slightly clearer than the Samsung 751


    When sub is off, bar sounds a little tinny compared to samsung which delivers a tv quality sound without the sub on but as soon as the sub is on, its unnoticeable that it must be making up some of the midst then literally explodes with enthusiasm at any bass note or sudden loud deep thud asked of it.
    Looks - it's a personal thing, but whilst it's a smart and expensive looking bit of kit, the samsung is the better looking unit, with its clear window for the artificially illuminated valves inside and twin hidden led screens behind the aluminium mesh. The sub too is square on the samsung so the yamaha 2500 can be slipped in narrower spaces or even lay down which you can't on the smsung 751 though.

    Was it worth the grief to change to a comparably priced yamaha product from my much loved samsung? You bet it was. Whist it may not boast the wattage, its immediately a better quality soun, more true to life with clearer spoken words as well as superior bass from the sub. Here's a controversial statement... Does it sound as good as the much more expensive yamaha 4300? Well, no BUT it's over £1500 cheaper (at the time I bought it) and it's no where near £1500 worse!

    So, if you get the samsung 751 you will not be disappointed. I've genuinely enjoyed it for over 6 months and will keep it for a spare room as it's too good to sell on but now I have my yamaha 2500, I only wished I had considered/knew more about yamaha first as I would have been more pleased as well as my plastering bills would have been a lot cheaper not to mention my movie collection further enjoyed!
    This item was purchased for £750 from richer sounds notts in 2014. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • better sound, quality and more than loud enough to fill the room with excellent sound quality.
    • pips the samsung 751 overall
    • subwoofer really does give a cinema quality thud and great mid support
    • easy to set up
    • memories for remote great
    • level of adjustment to sound
    • target mode - eery and cool but a bit gimmicky
    • bluetooth and hdmi x 3 in
    • yamaha app once paired up


    • cluttered remote layout
    • cheap plastic screw off feel (look good but feel cheap when adjusted)
    • not as well known yamaha make such great soundbars, why Yamaha???

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