LG Music Flow HS6 User Review

  • rjgguk
    Very happy with sound bar
    Review of LG Music Flow HS6 All-In-One System by rjgguk, Nov 22, 2014.
    I purchased the sound bar as I wanted something for the TV as well as the streaming capabilities (we use Spotify). The Sonos bar + woofer is £1200+ while LG's is £599.

    Overall very impressed. Turns on and off with the TV (Sony) connected via optical and responds to the TV remote volume control without any configuration which is nice. Spotify streaming is fine. Haven't tried the bluetooth as I have no need. The bar will also play music directly from Windows media player PC on the same network. Sound is excellent for a neat unit.

    Depending on your TV you'll need to connect your blue ray player directly to the sound bar for full surround, a limitation of optical rather than the sound bar. The pass through HDMI makes this possible, and is something that you can't do with the Sonos (it only has optical input).
    This item was purchased for 599 from Curry's in 2014. The reviewer still owns this product.


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