Denon AVR-X2400H User Review

  • AVStas
    Very good - as usual for Denon.
    Review of Denon AVR-X2400H AV Receiver by AVStas, Mar 15, 2018.
    That one was my 5th Denon receiver. And it had everything, what you used to have from Denon - good build quality, good sound, etc.

    It was very easy for me to set it up - menu is almost unchanged since my last AVR X3100. The sound quality is just perfect, and everything works like you expect from Denon. There are a lot of positive reviews, so my will be a little bit negative :) - the receiver has some issues which were big enough for me to return it back and try to search for something else.

    There is no internal WEB site in receiver anymore - you can only use mobile apps. Apps in Google store have score less than 3. My review was with two stars. It looks like the apps were made by high school students as an amateurs project. At least the apps has not reached the level of quality you can expect for such receiver. Not to say that for one of apps Denon asks 20 euro!!!

    Another issue - spoiled OSD when watching 4k video. OSD does appears as a black area with small white strips - like an old TV screen without synchronization.

    And the issue that moved me to return it back and start looking for alternatives also related to the apps. As a last step of setup wizard there is an information page about the apps. You cant setup here anything - just read and click Next->Next->Done. What these info pages doing it the setup wizard menu - is the separate question. But this last step of setup wizard appears regulary after receiver switched on. Not each time, but quite regulary. 1 of 7-8 switching on this menu appeared on screen. And there is no sound, receiver does not react on any buttons till you pick the receiver remote (CEC is also not working at this moment) and click it through. After that you can use receiver for a while till the next occurrence of this menu.

    And this is not a defect of my particular receiver (what I also thought in the first place) I replaced the receiver with another one and got the same issue again.

    I do not exclude, that I will return back to Denon if my search for alternatives will be unsuccessful. But this issue I've found quite annoying to try to look for something else.
    This item was purchased for 549 euro from MediaMarkt in 2018. The reviewer replaced this with the product don't know yet.


    • Good Sound
    • Good quality
    • Reach features


    • Issue with the apps menu appearing unrequested regulary
    • Bad navigation in TuneIn
    • Spoiled OSD in 4k video

    Sound Quality






    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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