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  • Geoff_D
    Very bittersweet film, but a magnificent UHD presentation.
    Review of Fast & Furious 7 UHD Blu-ray by Geoff_D, Mar 31, 2017.
    I wasn't very impressed with the movie when I first saw it but I ****ing LOVED it this time around. Perhaps I just got caught up playing "spot the CG Paul Walker" than just watching the damned film back then, dunno, but this time I really got into it. It's still a bit weird and awkward in certain moments and the action really IS in the realm of outlandish superhero-style stuff, but this flick is like an F&F take on Mission Impossible, Statham is a badass and that ending, oh my. Sorry, I've just got something in my eye. RIP Paul :(

    As for the UHD: Oh, it's beautiful. Firstly I have to agree with my good friend Mr R Scum when he says that the HDR is actually more effective on F6 than on F7, as this looks like another Pacific Rim to me. What I mean is that, from what I can tell, there's very little highlight detail retained over and above the Blu-ray version, and in a couple of shots I'm sure the BD actually retained MORE, so sets with clipped HDR or converted SDR 2020 like myself may well find that it looks too overbright and blown out at first glance. But once that's tamed (contrast to -4 on my Panasonic player) the added intensity to the highlights is much appreciated nonetheless.

    Thankfully the black level issue I noticed with F6 does not apply here, it almost seems to be the opposite as the F7 UHD pulls the blacks down rather than brightening them up, tell me what you guys see when you compare the two quick shots of the Statham sitting in shadow right before he kicks over the table and starts fighting Hobbs. The UHD looks a good bit darker to me but that added density doesn't hurt the image, it gives it more depth and contrast than the BD.

    Speaking of which, the colour looks FAR better on the UHD, losing the greeny-yellow tinge that seems to comparatively suffocate the colour on so many Blu-rays, and the skin tones greatly benefit in particular, as they usually do. The movie's range still has something of a brighter look with less saturated 'pop' to the colours but that seems to be entirely by design, as according to the (second) DP Marc Spicer they wanted a "warmer 'golden California' throwback look" to the film and for my money the UHD delivers that in spades, easily besting the flat yellow colour palette on the BD.

    Fine detail is razor sharp, if this is an upconvert then the original 2K master must have been the ass-kickingest 2K DI ever made because the detail is just sensational. Even the opening production logos offer something of a clue: see the 'Original Film' logo, after the Universal one? On F6 the letter A has a very jagged, low-res appearance (which applies to the BD as well as the UHD) but on the BD and UHD of F7 it's much smoother, so little things like that clearly got redone in the interim between films. Sure, the BD of F7 has a hell of a lot of detail too but it loses the finest touch of refinement, like the stubble on either end of Vin Diesel's head or that stripy red shirt that Tyreese is wearing in the Abu Dhabi scene: at exactly 1.07:46 his shirt shimmers like a mofo on the BD (I remembered it from the first time I watched the BD) but looks so much better on the UHD.

    The sound is AWESOME too, I guess my disappointment with the DTS-HD HR 7.1 track on F6 is simply because it's not the greatest mix in the world, but the same HR 7.1 audio treatment on F7 delivers an incredible aural experience. The bass is heavenly (love those frequent bOOOOooooOOOOOm bass drops), the surround activity is turn-your-head-where's-that-coming-from good and even the growliest bit of Vin's dialogue is never lost in the din.
    This item was purchased for £15 from HMV 2 for £30 in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


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