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  • Coz22998
    Unfairly Maligned Marvel
    Review of Avengers: Age of Ultron Steelbook Blu-ray by Coz22998, May 18, 2016.
    Others have written very well about this already, but just wanted to wade in with my thoughts. So I love all the Marvel films...yes even Iron Man 2. And agree with the general consensus that GotG and CA:TWS are the best of the bunch. Having seen this at the flicks and revisiting this today, I have to say that I ruddy loved it.

    These characters are so different from their DC counterparts in that there are no superhero alter egos, they ARE these characters at all times so we get as much time with them and their personalities as when they're kicking booty. The party scene is great - the look on Thor's face when Cap steps up to the hammer......:D - but there's so many of these little beats throughout the film. Couple this with the general Whedon-esque level of humour and for me I was laughing as much as I was thrilled. This is helped no end by the fact that for me, I could spend countless movies with these guys - in fact, for the next Avengers film, let's see Avengers: the pub crawl - they have grown into these characters across a number of films so that even the little cameos here and there (Cheadle again at that party! Snigger.....) all hit home and I'll be honest, I had a massive goofy grin in my face all the way through.

    I also read somewhere that Whedon didn't really handle the action sequences particularly well.....well, again for me, I thought they were excellent. Even in the much maligned opening sequence, I loved seeing these guys operate as a team. Yes it may have looked a bit Matrix-y burly brawl esque, but these guys are superhuman and are able to do things extraordinarily, so all those beats - Cap and the bike, Thor and Cap double teaming (ooo-er) - I loved.

    As for the newbies, again I liked them all. Ultron was exactly as expected - he is a mirror image of Tony, with all his qualities and foibles so seeing him petulantly kill lab staff when he doesn't get his way is chilling, yet his sometimes inappropriate humour also adds to his overall character. The twins were given less screen time, but they still had their time to shine.

    Overall, I absolutely loved this. It's on a par with the first Avengers for me - I much preferred the action beats in this one ("go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep......." :rotfl:), but there's nothing to beat the "puny human" or Hulk's Thor punch from the first. I can see why some people may be getting fatigued with these Marvel films, but for me they can keep 'em coming.

    Transfer - so lots of issues noted across AVF. Soft picture and lacking audio. And yes, there's no two ways about it, this is NOT reference material. Therefore is it bad? No it's not. Image quality is not bad, but for me the CG on screen is the culprit - it's just a bit soft. The shots of the old Stark Tower at the beginning looked really soft, with not a lot of detail in at all. But this isn't an unmitigated disaster. I think this had a lot of expectations on it and while it's not top tier, it's not bad. The audio......yes I did heed the warnings and turned it up. And I agree to some extent about the lacking audio - not a lot of surround action was a big surprise - however it wasn't bad. There was still plenty of LFE where needed and it sounded crystal clear.....but I think that's the problem. It's the damn Avengers! It needed to be better than "not bad". Will we see a recall/reissue? Nope - technically there's nothing wrong with either sound or image. Did it ruin the experience for me? Not at all - I was really looking for these issues but the film still wrapped me up enough that I just forgot about it.

    Summary - I loved it. Really loved it. The disc isn't absolute reference (be interesting to see if it's the same disc released to the yanks in a few weeks.....bluray.com will be an interesting read if it is!!!!) but the film more than made up for this. Now bring on Ant-Man!!!!
    This item was purchased for £19.99 (3D, non-stee from HMV in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Great characters with more emphasis than expected given to their non-superhero activities.....
    • ......which is often more fun than the splendid action!!!
    • Speaking of which, loved the action beats


    • Transfer not quite top tier and it should have been



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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