Mad Max: Fury Road User Review

  • Carlmh911
    Review of Mad Max: Fury Road UHD Blu-ray by Carlmh911, Aug 10, 2016.
    I compared this film directly on my Panasonic UHD Bluray player using both standard Bluray & UHD Bluray versions.
    I was interested to see the differences scene by scene.
    I watched 10 minute segments of both versions and it was immediately evident just how superior the UHD version was.
    The standard Bluray Already had a very good picture which seemed very sharp and detailed with good colour but then after watching the UHD version it makes the standard Bluray look quite washed out.
    I personally did not find the colours too strong in the UHD version but instead felt I was seeing a whole lot more due to the additional colour pallet which enhances detail such as the sky, the vehicles, explosions and in particular when the vehicles drive into the sand storm everything just stays in check and never becomes muddled or blurry.
    I find in low light scenes that Bluray sometimes starts to fail and digital artifacts become apparent and the balance between the more suttle toning of colours becomes messy. This is not the case when watching in UHD. I personally also feel that the general motion of the picture feels cleaner and easier to watch in UHD and I have always been sensitive to motion blur so for me this is a great step forward.
    for me it become a case that I could not watch a film in DVD format when I had the option of Bluray. Now , given the option I could not watch the Bluray given the choice of UHD Bluray, that's progression I guess.


    • vibrant and huge colour pallets, detailed and great sound



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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