Sony UBP-X800 User Review

  • benmbe
    UBP-X800 Review
    Review of Sony UBP-X800 UHD Blu-ray Player by benmbe, Jun 22, 2017.
    I purchased this Player as a package deal with a TV and Soundbar.
    The 4K Player plays flawlessly however I would have liked Sony to have included a view screen, as this would have helped with operation. I have no complaints, calibration and fine tuning the players internal settings was fine and quite straight forward. Picture quality is Superb and operation is slick, Fast Loading times with each disc is perfect. I must admit thou that if or when Sony releases an ES high end player then I would also purchase that as well, as I am one who appreciates the extra quality of ES product build quality....... X800 is well made and quite heavy considering it's rather small size of which is good. Highly recommended to all regardless, and if you can live without the onscreen display then the rest is excellent.
    Sincerest Regards to all enthusiasts.
    This item was purchased for £299 from Sony Centre Basingstoke in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Ease of use, Fast Loading times, general build quality, easy navigation and internal settings & Price
    • Slim design means that you do not need much space for this player on any shelf ect.
    • Price point is great for all those who want to get onto the 4K ladder.


    • Lack of Display
    • The power on light could have been more visible very small.

    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality




    Ease Of Use


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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    • High Fidelity
      I agree 100 % with this review, no display and absurdly faint power standby light . I would just add that I find the Home page rather strange and wonder why one would need to add Apps. I would give 10 for SQ with SACD/CDs its as good as my Sony XA5400ES
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    • Chester
      I'd rather have a power light you can notice than one that distracts you from the film. It's fine! ;)
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