Sony HT-ST5000 User Review

  • glandoc
    Two months; no problems; good quality sound
    Review of Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar by glandoc, Nov 30, 2017.
    I've had this soundbar for about two mos., and have yet to have a problem. It replaced a Yamaha ysp 4300 that was blitzed in an electrical storm by a surge that came in through the cable system. Set-up was easy, sound quality is excellent. The build is solid and the appearance is high quality. I am still occasionally tweaking the settings to see what happens, but have had no problems whatsoever. The only even slight complaint would be a desire for more immersive (i.e. posterior) sound projection and microphone calibration like my old YSP had. Had to use a sound meter to balance the settings. I also wish there was more quality Atmos enabled content available, but that should improve in the future. I am, however, overall delighted with the sound quality, even though I have an oddly shaped room with a high beamed ceiling, partial loft, and need to place the unit in a corner of the room -- not really an ideal space for audio projection. The subwoofer works much better than expected. I'm currently hooked to a Samsung TV and Blu-ray player, iPad thru Lightning cable (all inputs into the soundbar by HDMI cables and then TV by ARC); various Apple products through bluetooth and musicast. It works well with my Harmony remote. The unit performed the Dolbyvision and DTS upgrade by wifi the first time I plugged it in.
    This item was purchased for $1,100 USD from Amazon in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Overall build quality.
    • Flexibility of inputs
    • Dual Atmos and DTS capability
    • "Future proofed" at least for the foreseeable (short) future
    • Much, much better sub than my prior Yamaha had


    • Price, although less than my prior Yamaha ysp, and more than totally covered by my insurance settlement.
    • Limited rear sound projection
    • Lack of microphone calibration
    • Wish it had controls for base, treble and midrange
    • User manual isn't very informative; mostly you have to go by trial and error method.

    Build Quality




    Ease of use


    Sound Quality




    Value for Money



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