American Made User Review

  • gbmitie
    total and utter rubbish - a 7 is a disgrace
    Review of American Made Movie by gbmitie, Sep 28, 2017.
    I had the misfortune to go and see this in a virgin media screen in CARDIFF in so called superscreen ie wall to wall size screen, super amplification and so on. This movie was amateurish in the extreme, it looked 4:3 format, sound was so so and as for the movie itself., its woeful. I will quote 3 instances, 1, what was depicted on the twa would never happen, 2, the cliched broken sink was utter pap, 3, and talking into a vcr was the pits.

    do not waste your money, I walked out and got my money back


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    • silly
    • clcihed ridden
    • stupid


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