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  • lumazzcc
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    Review of Yamaha MusicCast Streamer by lumazzcc, Dec 19, 2017.
    Very easy to connect - even for beginners in wireless music streaming. Just download free app to your phone or tablet and once connected it's good to go. On iPhone it took no time - on android it took about 10 mins which was annoying as it immediately asked to update it too. Spotify doesn't work so smoothy with it. Did not work on our android tablet but worked on iphone - however kept cutting it. The other music streaming channels worked best and radio channels were great too. We also connected the TV via de audio connections on the soundbar.

    For the price point it is, as an all in one system - it is good. The sound is clear and superior to the speakers we had for a price point that is still affordable. My husband is a lot more knowledgeable and has been into speakers his whole life so he notices a bit of compromise to work with mp3 and digital - however as he puts it - to get the next level it would cost 10 times more. So at this price point it is a very good choice.

    Our favourite aspect of this system was as a soundbar for the TV and surrounding system. It worked really well and it's hard to imagine watching a movie without it nowadays.

    The biggest negative for us was the lack of analogue audio out. It would probably be easy to add as a feature for them and make it a lot easier to connect to our existing speakers as the only option we have now is to but WXAD-10 which costs £150 making the system not so much of an obvious choice.

    All that said - it's sleek, easy to plug and play, great solution specially to connect the whole flat wireless , which i enjoy very much. And the app is really intuitive and easy to use!


    • Easy to connect plug and play
    • sleek design and easy to fit in small spaces
    • clear sound and better than smaller speakers available
    • Good app - with many options to connect


    • Lack of analogue audio out
    • cheap remote control - doesn't fit with nice design of speakers
    • Spotify didn't work so smoothly and kept cutting out

    Build Quality




    Sound Quality


    Ease of Use





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