Avengers: Infinity War User Review

  • lucasisking
    To Infinity and Beyond
    Review of Avengers: Infinity War Movie by lucasisking, May 1, 2018.
    The culmination of a comic book multiverse 10 years in the making, and it is absolutely everything it needed to be. Thrilling, hilarious, tragic, epic, shattering, overwhelming, cathartic, audacious and hugely emotional. It's an unwieldy beast to be sure: juggling countless characters, multiple plot strands, disparate tones, and weaving together elements from every corner of the MCU to date. With such diversity to contend with, its an unimaginable undertaking yet, impossibly, the Russo brothers have pulled it off. Infinity War brings it all together in an MCU mega-celebration that gives all the characters their unique moments to interact and shine; balancing pathos with levity, action with personal drama; maintaining cogent human themes of sacrifice, hope and love; and introducing one of the best villains the genre has ever produced; and throwing in a ton of shocks and one humdinger of a cliffhanger into the bargain. It's a miracle of fantasy filmmaking.

    That said, this is a film that will separate the hardcore fans from the rest. Casual fans will find this an entertaining, if exhausting, ride. Non fans will not be swayed (move on, nothing to see here). Trolls will poke fun as usual. Snobs will complain about 'CGI' and 'superhero fatigue' and the corporate machine 'ruining cinema'. However this isn't trying to win them over. Infinity War is unashamedly, unapologetically, a film for us, the Marvel fans. A reward for 10 years of emotional investment, belief and support and it was worth the wait. 9.5/10


    • Massive scale
    • Brings together all the MCU films
    • Maintains its humour despite going extremely dark
    • Phenomenal and endlessly imaginative superhero action
    • Emotionally shattering and simultaneously satisfying
    • Full of shocks and surprises including a devastating last act
    • Best villain in the MCU to date
    • Brilliantly acted by actors who really care about their characters


    • Some might find it too jokey
    • Long, and unweildy by its very nature


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