Yamaha RX-A3070 User Review

  • nickrutherford
    Ticks all my boxes.
    Review of Yamaha RX-A3070 AV Receiver by nickrutherford, Mar 1, 2018.
    I swapped this for my Denon X6400 thanks to excellent customer service from Peter Tyson. I wanted the XLR inputs instead of RCA for listening to CD's from my Oppo 205, I still use HDMI for blu-ray audio. I also wasn't impressed with internet radio on the Denon and this Yamaha is one of the few AVR amps with built in DAB. Just what I was looking for.
    I am absolutely delighted with every aspect of the sound quality, especially the difference in listening to CD's through the XLR cables, the difference with surround sound was more subtle but I do prefer the Yamaha. I listen to music in bi-amped 2.1 and surround in 5.1 but soon upgrading to 7.1. I also use zone 2 on my patio so will utilise 11.1 of the 11.2 speaker terminals. Quite how this relates to its 9.2 channels eludes me. I won't pretend I can explain the sound subtleties in any professional way either, but to my ears this Yamaha outshines the Denon especially with my CD collection.
    Before this RX A3070 and the previous X6400 I had a Denon 3313 blu-ray and AVR combo and after spending another £3K on this and the Oppo was relieved to find I noticed a distinct improvement to the sound especially with this Yamaha over the rival Denon.
    The remote and menus are fiddlier but can still set up everything I want. I use a Logitech harmony all in one remote so this doesn't bother me anyway. I will say the Denon remote has an annoying volume control that can shoot way up and blow the roof off but the Yamaha is much more controllable so for my personal uses the Yamaha works better now it's all set up and I use the harmony.
    For the record I send all my pictures straight to my LG oled TV via HDMI and send sound only to the Yamaha via HDMI or digital optical, and CD via XLR as mentioned. I listen through B&W CM speakers. I have just upgraded my front speaker cable to XT40 from silver anniversary XT at the same time as getting this Yamaha so some improvement over the Denon may be down to that too.
    My sound sources are from CD, DAB, blu-ray, Virgin TV, Xbox and smart TV apps.
    This item was purchased for £1500 from Peter Tyson online. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Fantastic sound both musically and watching films.
    • XLR inputs and DAB radio.


    • Less intuitive remote and menus than rival Denon.

    Sound Quality






    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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