Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi User Review

  • the_dude2
    This is not going to go the way that you think
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Movie by the_dude2, Dec 18, 2017.
    Like Skywalker said that. And it didn't, at all.

    Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. Kylo Ren said that little nugget!

    Having seen it two days ago I have had time to digest it somewhat. I've also had time to laugh (otherwise i would be very angry/emotional/disturbed!!) at some of the comments people have made.

    It needs seeing twice, I keep swinging from a 5/10 to an 8/10. I just cant decide. Which makes me realise maybe it isnt such a bad movie, but has just challenged my perceptions of everything Star Wars. Im 43 and like many my age i grew up with it, its ingrained in my being. But I'm not precious about it either. And i dont think i own it. I.e. I'm not going to say what it SHOULD have done, or not done. Luke is the way he is, and I'm fine with that. Just because he didnt do a balls to the wall lightsabre tastic battle with Ren doesnt mean its a bad movie. Instead we got something more complex, more nuanced than that, and is certainly never straight forward. Luke's visitor at his moment of hitting a real low point in all what he believed was a great antidote. Let the past die! With a gleeful giggle only that master can muster.

    The original trilogy has been and gone, so has the prequel trilogy! I wouldn't go so far as saying kill any of those trilogies (not even over Jar Jar!), as the original at least is still awesome (with many flaws too, but lets rose tint over those because it's easier to). But this is none of those movies, although of course it also is a little bit! There are strong shades of Empire in there, and even, surprisingly, Jedi too.

    Whether it's liked or not Star Wars has been taken in a completely different direction and it will never be the same. Who knows where it will go from here. But those concerns are for two years time.

    To be totally spoiler free I can say there are some truly amazing bits, some odd bits, some brave bits, and some, hmmm not really sure about that bits. Finn isnt served as well in the story as Rey, Chewie doesnt get a lot to do (what happened to Hans funeral??!), Luke is a grumpy old man (which i loved) and Leia, with her very divisive moment, was lovely. Hux, love or loath him, he was so OTT how could you not laugh??!! Ren fairs so much better than in TFA and makes some surprising and interesting decisions. He is a far more a complex character than simply a baddie. Poe and his rebelliousness is fine, what else were they going to do with Finn to keep him busy while we watched what we wanted, Luke and Rey. Which wasn't exactly what we wanted, was it?

    I dont feel like my childhood has been taken away from me. It will always be there. But Im not trying to force my childhood onto my adulthood and worry about a movie that is actually quite good, just very different from what i expected.

    Didnt Yoda once say train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose? So, try and let go of your preconceptions of what you think a Star Wars movie should or shouldn't be and just enjoy this one for what it is, whatever it is, and i still haven't quite decided, but for now Im going to go with 8 out of 10.

    This review sucks, but the movie didn't. It was just different. Luke summed it up perfectly.


    • Lightspeed!!!
    • Not giving me what i expected
    • The opening battle
    • It's Star Wars Jim, just not as we know it ;)


    • The feeling the next movie has to pull off something spectacular and wont
    • Some of the humour


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