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  • lucasisking
    There must be something in the water...
    Review of A Cure for Wellness Movie by lucasisking, Jul 20, 2017.

    I'm beginning to see what people see in Gore Verbinski; this is a guy who really knows how to craft a movie. First off, this is just a sublimely beautiful movie. Every frame is a work of art that had my eyes out on stalks. His editing and camerawork are second to none (loved the shot framed in the reflection of a deer's eye) and its the most visually arresting film I've seen since The Neon Demon. The Dp (Bojan Bozelli) needs the Oscar for this as I can't imagine we'll see a prettier movie this year. It's almost Kubrickian.

    The film isn't all that bad either to be honest. The length didn't bother me, the moments of body horror were nicely done, and it reminded me a little of Shutter Island, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut. Only a little though; this is more or less its own thing. It's the ending however that derails it. I would have liked a more shocking reveal, or a more poignant ending (ie Shutter Island's sad inevitability or The Wickerman's upsetting conclusion) but instead we get a lazy hollywood ending, one that includes on of my pet hates at the moment: 'the protagonist throw'. I'll add that to my list of movie annoyances. Other than that, the visuals, sound and set design, and performances kept this watchable. And I think there's a fair bit going on thematically especially with Dehaan's character and back story. Just not wholly satisfying


    • Spectacularly beautiful filmmaking
    • Compelling premise
    • Decent performances


    • Disappointing conclusion


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