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  • Coz22998
    The Umpteenth version.......
    Review of The Fifth Element Remastered Blu-ray by Coz22998, May 15, 2016.
    So, these new versions........after the great new Dracula release, how was this? In a word.......RUDDY AWESOME!!!!! :clap:

    So to start with one of the big draws - the Atmos soundtrack. My word, its an absolute an utter barnstormer from beginning to end. Now granted, it was working from a great start point - TFE has always been demo worthy material when it came to its soundtrack, but this is something else. I had a goofy grin on my face from beginning to end with this - I was supposed to be working from home, so the house was empty, meaning I cranked it up to -78 on my Denon which was almost to the point of wall-shakingly loud. But it was probably one of the best soundtrack experiences I've had in the new cinema room. Sound was everywhere. Gunshots and explosions sounded unbelievable. Eric Serra's great score sounded like it was being played live in the room. A couple of times I stood up to hear specifically if my ceiling speakers were active and they were pretty much all the way through - not just for spot effects but just adding ambience. The diva scene.......:eek: Droolworthy stuff. Cant say enough good things about this soundtrack.

    Image quality was great too - can't quite remember how much better this was than my previous version (the remastered US version) but it looked grand. Not pristine, but nor should it. Grain was present where it should be - don't worry about the opening shots. When the title card 'Egypt 1914' came up I was a bit worried.....but I needn't have been. Bags of detail, lovely colours (still some blown out but having looked at screenshots they were supposed to be or were on all other versions I think - the end shots of LeeLoo and Bruce at it come to mind) looks grand.

    The film? Nothing else like it has been seen since and probably never will. Still bonkers and huge fun. Simple space opera plot line, but its all about the design (just amazing - from the costumes to the cityscapes to the aliens and robots, all wonderful) and the characters (even if LeeLoo wasn't played by the dreamy Miss J, we would all fall in love with her) - I even think Ruby Rod in this is hilarious!!!! Great set pieces, its so, so funny, oh its just a great watch for me. Everyone at the top of their game and producing a gorgeous, fun film that even today nearly 20 years later still stands up - not many FX heavy flicks from that period do. Oh and its got Brion James in. So its awesome immediately! Extras? Pah. Not needed thank you very much.

    Summary - simple. If you have a Dolby Atmos set up and are region free, you NEED this. A simply stunning soundtrack and great picture quality back up a fun film that hasn't aged a jot. Am really impressed with the two of this series I've seen so far - lets hope Leon is as good. And lets hope we get some more! If this is what HD blu-ray is capable of, UHD blu-ray has got its work cut out.
    This item was purchased for $34.99 from in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • The film is deleriously nutso
    • The transfer - superb visuals and a reference level Atmos soundtrack
    • Did I mention the transfer?


    • Stoopid packaging
    • Region locked - boo for lots of people



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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