Eye in the Sky User Review

  • Wheatpd
    The title doesn't do this film justice!
    Review of Eye in the Sky Movie by Wheatpd, Dec 1, 2016.
    I watched this film about a month ago in SD. Given the format and the length of time since I watched it, it would be inappropriate to comment on the quality of the production and instead I am restricting my comments to the film itself. My expectations for this film were reasonably low given the film title and was expecting the usual fare of action and countless explosions lifted only slightly by the presence of Helen Mirren and Alan Rickmansworth.

    Let me say straightaway that my expectations were wrong as this film is very good indeed as it explores the moral dilemmas of all of military persons those involved in whether to take out terrorists for the greater good of the wider population even if there is likely to be 'collateral damage'. The film does so in a balanced way leaving the viewer to make up their own minds. Yes, the plot can be a little slow in places and occasionally one feels is a little unrealistic but overall is help build both the suspense and demonstrate the natural frustrations of those wanting quick decisions. Overall the acting was excellent. In short, I thought that this was an almost excellent film and would score it 9 out of 10.

    However, if you are just looking for an straightforward action film and not wanting to engage the brain, then this film is probably best avoided.


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