Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi User Review

  • Soundizer
    The Last Jedi Movie
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Movie by Soundizer, Dec 24, 2017.
    Without Spoiling The Last Jedi here is my review based on watching it on December 14th.

    Feels like it is trying to please everyone and lacks individuality or characteristicall theme.

    Un necessary political correctness moral points:
    - Woman are only shown in a positive light.
    - Eating meat is bad.

    I thought Luke’s Character was not very cool. Where is the Power of the Force gone.

    Some very bad 1960’ Star Trek looking Sets.

    The Movie fails to continue on from previous movies in a joined up way.


    • Special affects
    • Music score
    • Engaging
    • Action scenes brilliant


    • Moral Values preaching
    • Bad Sets - some looked like 1960’s StarTrek Series
    • Luke - i did not like his character. Uninspiring.
    • Lack of Movie individuality


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