Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens User Review

  • trevor linvell
    The Force has returned!
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Movie by trevor linvell, Jan 7, 2016.
    From the very first moment when Star Wars appears on the screen and thumping music begins til the end when the credits roll this is a amazing heart stopping, eye pleasing triumphant movie! The special effects are astounding and feel real, the movie is funny and the old characters joining with the new ones seamlessly and the new stars of the movie, Isaacs, Boyega, Ridley and Driver give amazing performances that make you feel like theyve been part of the saga since the beginning too, in a great continuing story for the saga. The old timers are there as part of the story and not to just show their faces as has often happened int eh past (star trek!) Han has the most to do in this film and Harrison Ford returns seamlessly to the role that made him a global star.Its exciting and new yet nostalgic at the same time! The robots, creatures, planets heroes and villains are all brilliantly and creatively used to enhance the movie. It is also genuinely funny as well. It also sets up brilliantly for the next instalment! In short its the finest blockbuster in decades and one deserving of watching again and again


    • the excitement
    • Thrills
    • Mysticism
    • Magic
    • Action
    • Scenery
    • BB-8
    • Kylo Ren


    • That it had to end


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