Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens User Review

  • Chrissyboy!
    The Force has finally risen from it's slumber
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Movie by Chrissyboy!, Dec 17, 2015.
    I am once again five years old...

    This love affair started in 1982, I was five years old, things like video on demand were a pure figment of imagination and to an extent VHS technology was a luxury few could really afford at the time, but call it a bad luck/good luck scenario in the fact my Dad had been made redundant and received £900 redundancy payout, that was a fortune way back then... That's the bad luck part, the good luck was that my Dad found another job the very next day, so he treated us as a family to a VHS player.

    One Saturday morning he woke me at 5am and put me in front of the television "watch this he said, before your sister's wake up". That film was The Empire Strikes Back, he "acquired" from a work colleague.

    From that moment on I was in love with all that I saw and felt with Star Wars, I'm sure many people have a similar connection as to what lured them in that very first time and kept them there.

    Fast forward 33 years and I have finally witnessed the true continuation of the story, the previous three abominations that Lucas created so recklessly are fast dissipating in my mind, thank "whoever" for that.

    The film opens very much like the original, vast vistas of space and desert and the ever present thunderous score that Williams has made his signature. I won't be putting spoilers in place here, I feel you need to see it and it's unfair to give bits away in a know it all, I've seen first kinda way.

    The new characters are fantastic, kudos for using relative unknown actors once again as this lends to the fact that we don't know the characters, so we won't have a clue about their look, acting style and sound... Something that the previous three films went against, they went all out Hollywood and it failed, mainly due to script and bad direction. The use of "real" actors for all the other parts (stormtroopers etc) enhances it way beyond the over-CGI'd rubbish that went before.

    Rai and Fin to name but a few, fall into the Star Wars Universe seamlessly.

    It does indeed borrow vast amounts on the original films, but, this is no bad thing as it's why we all fell in love with them in the first place. It's meant to blend in, that is it's true brilliance, the older actors appear and it's like they've never been away, they also don't try to act anything other than the veterans of the bygone battles before.

    JJ Abrams would have been a prime choice of mine as he's a student of Spielberg, he creates the right blend of action, adventure, tension, comedy and most importantly of all... A relationship to characters.

    Please remember this is a stepping stone, a new beginning to the final trilogy to make up the nine parts, so do judge it on that. It's the first cinema experience of mine since The Fellowship of the Ring that left me a little awestruck, desperate to see it again and very much saddened that I'll have to wait until 2017 to continue the story.

    I AM ONCE AGAIN FIVE YEARS OLD... I can't tell you wonderful it is to have some true nostalgia awoken again.

    The Force is most certainly awake!


    • A true continuation
    • I've gone back in time
    • Characters superb


    • It ended!


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