Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens User Review

  • Chinstroke
    The Force Awakens- A return to form
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Movie by Chinstroke, Dec 17, 2015.
    This film boldly went where no film has gone before, oh no wait that’s JJ Abram’s other space franchise. Actually joking aside this film feels distinctly different to the Star franchise of the Trek variety.

    All the time whilst watching I found myself thinking “look George this is what a Star Wars film looks and feels like”. This was greatly helped by having the original team back looking like they are having more fun than ever before. Before the film came out JJ said that he had made this one for the fans and boy he wasn’t joking. There are dozens of nods to the Original Trilogy and the audience (yes that includes me) loved it. Whenever a reference was made there were cheers, applause and laughter. All things I have heard happen at US cinemas but never experienced in a UK one.

    However what is the film like? Actually it’s quite good. Not the greatest film ever made but still a solid action adventure movie. Just like the original movie it throws you straight into a storyline without needing to explain too much back story. The dialogue is generally well written and the acting is solid, with special mention having to go to Daisy Ridley. She is called upon to carry the majority of the films running time on her young shoulders and for the most part she does this without ever feeling forced.

    Additional mention should also go to Adam Driver for his portrayal of Kylo Ren. Marvel really could do with taking a leaf out of Star Wars book when it comes to creating memorable villains (although in contrast I feel that Snoke seems more like a Marvel villain but we may need to see more of him in subsequent films before passing judgement)

    So that’s some of the good, but what about the bad? As mentioned in other reviews the amount of coincidence that takes place to get all the main characters together doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. Also the very thing that makes the film so enjoyable is also its weakness, it is so determined to remind you of A New Hope that it doesn’t feel different enough from it.
    Especially the death star, cough, I mean Starkiller Base. I mean seriously how times in these films can you have the same plot involving an ultimate weapon that has to have its shields switch off so that it can be destroyed.

    However don’t let these things put you off, as this is a thrilling entry in the Star Wars canon and here’s to hoping that number 8 can match or even exceed The Empire Strikes Back. As per the opening lines of the movie "This will begin to make things right"


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