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  • lucasisking
    The Fateful Eight
    Review of Fast & Furious 8 Movie by lucasisking, May 5, 2017.

    At this point, the Fast & Furious franchise is so divorced from reality that we might as well be watching Guardians of the Galaxy. This is a world in which a garage mechanic gets recruited into a plot to take over the world. Yeah, that happens. The makers embrace this inherent stupidity and go full tilt to ensure that everything other than common sense is there to compensate. The result here is a film that easily matches-if not bests- parts 6 & 7. The fights are better, the car stunts are better, the humour is well judged, the set pieces pop, and the characters (for the most part) entertain. Vin Diesel's arc in the movie is cleverly done and works for the film, adding motivation and energy to the character that has been lacking. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are NOS injections of dynamism and charisma that elevate the film both separately and especially together (their prison scene is- literally- a riot). And Charlize Theron makes a fantastic Bond-esque villain; cold, intelligent, snake-like and ruthless, yet dripping with sex-appeal. It's also surprisingly dark at times which makes an effective counterweight to the film's more juvenile moments. Lots of surprise appearances that enrich the film and link to previous installments. Fun cameo from Dame Helen too. Devil's bumhole anyone? And Statham has a scene near the end that is worth the price of admission alone. Does it matter than none of it makes sense? Not today. Future viewings might take the shine off but for now this is up there with Fast 5 as a high point in the franchise.


    • Better fights, stunts and car action set pieces
    • Decent storyline for Diesel
    • Statham and Johnson are immense
    • Charlize makes a cool villainess
    • Plentiful cameo appearances
    • Good humoured but with its share of dark moments
    • Keeps the franchise in good health


    • A few characters are sidelined
    • The story is preposterous is you give it even a moments thought
    • Defies logic and physics, as always
    • Scott Eastwood makes little impression


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