Fast & Furious 7 User Review

  • lucasisking
    The Fast & The Ludicrous
    Review of Fast & Furious 7 Movie by lucasisking, Apr 8, 2015.
    Liked parts 5 and 6 but thought they were a little restrained?

    Try this. The most outrageously silly, preposterously over the top, deliriously enjoyable slice of action cinema you're likely to see this year. Don't let anyone tell you this is a guilty pleasure- its pleasures are there to be shamelessly and guiltlessly enjoyed. In terms of plot, and logic in general, the film does ask that you approach with your brain in low gear. You may even have to disable your higher brain functions (Hal style) especially during action scenes that defy belief over and over again; or whenever the film tries to expound the plot/ reason for things happening. Why do things happen? Dont bother going there.

    Seriously though, what more could anyone possibly want from a franchise that makes its living from topping it's predecessors? You get the best of the old crew, and a host of welcome new additions including our very own Jason Statham as the baddest of badasses- easily the franchise's best villain and its biggest NoS injection since the The Rock hulked into view in part 5. As well as him we get the awesome Tony Jaa, Djimon Hounsou, Kurt Russell and a bunch of familiar cameos spanning the whole franchise. Plus there's also delicious Game of Thrones totty Nathalie Emmanuel (who I hope will return if the franchise continues). Tej gets his own kick-ass moment, and Roman is finally acknowledged as the comic relief he always was (never before has a character's contribution been so disproportionate to his perceived importance). Dwayne Johnson is in the film less, but it doesn't matter as he's there when it counts and he gets more than his share of insanely over the top moments. Hell, short of punching a volcano in the face, its hard to imagine how he could top himself. Everyone gets their chance to shine, and not one second of screen time is wasted on anything other than pure enjoyment. Sure, it's stupid in places- most places in fact. But the film doesn't care- it just wants to give you a thrill ride to end them all and send Mr Walker off in proper style. It does this with bells on.

    With Mission Impossible levels of globe-trotting stuntwork, Expendables-trouncing combat, and a perfect send off for Walker, its difficult to imagine where the hell the series could possible go from here. And the jury is out for me on whether this bests Fast 5 (although for my money it easily tops 6). But for now, Furious is glorious.


    • Exhilarating action bolstered by the addition of Jason Statham and Tony Jaa
    • Never a dull moment. No sir, not one nano-second
    • Charming swan-song for Paul Walker
    • Plenty of references to previous movies including cameos, bringing the franchise full circle


    • Requires insane suspension of disbelief
    • Occasionaly threatens to enter spoof territory
    • Some characters feel superfluous


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