Bram Stoker's Dracula Remastered User Review

  • Coz22998
    THE best Dracula movie ever made. It is. Honest. So there
    Review of Bram Stoker's Dracula Remastered Blu-ray by Coz22998, May 8, 2016.
    So the new disc. The film? Still as brilliantly bonkers as ever - FFC directed the living **** out of this, with brilliant shots all over the place (shots bleeding into each other, Jackson style swoops this time done in camera) to compliment one of the best designed films I can remember. It looks like Apocalypse Now era-FFC was off his face and watched a Hammer movie and thought "I can do that".....and its glorious :clap:.

    Amazing sets (all real and miniature), fantastic costumes and a cast who all seem to be as loving it as FFC (especially Hopkins!). Yes, even the much maligned Reeves really isn't that bad (come on, its just his accent that's bad, really!). A swooping, grandiose horror/love story that is probably my favourite Dracula retelling. Love it.

    So the disc. Right. First off, framing issues. Yes, we loose Dracula's glasses in the cinematograph scene, no we don't loose the top of the arch in the brides scene (those that keep abreast of the other forum will now these shots). Is it bad? Of course it isn't. I wouldn't have even noticed if it wasn't for all the hullabaloo on the other forum. The colour timing.....again didn't notice it at all. Its still a massively dark picture and the new colour palette doesn't alter this one bit for me. But what we get is a glorious picture - the detail is astounding for a catalogue title and it looks wonderful (when I first saw screenshot comparisons, I wasn't that impressed with the new image, but check me out heating my words, its that good). The new Dolby Atmos track - at first, I was ever so slightly disappointed. There's not a huge amount of spot effect work going on up there, but what we got was a massive expansion of the soundstage and that wonderful score. It was only really when I stuck on Jurassic World straight afterwards that I realised how much those ceiling speakers complete the sense of sonic immersion (get me) - the JW track sounded just lacking (and its by no means a bad track, not at all) in comparison. So a resounding thumbs up from me on the new transfer. I only dipped into one of the new extras, the 30 min interview with FFC and to be honest it was boring as hell. No real insight and no real context (just an in awe film critic asking him 4 questions - only 4 in 30 mins!!!), it was just dull. But its still got all the old extras on there so no worries (not that I'll watch them again).

    Summary - still a gloriously loopy adaptation (in a good way) and a fantastic new transfer, even with the myriad of 'issues' that have been reported (and I accept that these are deal beakers for some, just not for me). If this is what I can expect from the next in the series (Fifth Element and Leon), I'm on them like a tramp on a chip.
    This item was purchased for $35 from in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • The best Dracula film ever
    • The new transfer is outstanding
    • Atmos! Atmos! Atmos!


    • Nothing. The fancy packaging is a bit naff. But that's it.



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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