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    The anti-superhero movie superhero movie
    Review of Logan UHD Blu-ray by Coz22998, Jul 4, 2017.
    Its every bit as good as the reviews have said. And yes, its got all the very non-superhero movie effin' and jeffin' and blood spurts and carnage and all that....but frankly if that's its only legacy, then its doing the film a massive disservice. Its a supremely clever film for as much as it doesn't include as what it does and how it takes all those other films before it and plays on them and us as the audience to a really rather wonderful effect.

    What doesn't this film do? From the off, with no ludicrously overblown CG credits (just plain old white on black and slightly out of focus text, harking back to the 70s), we get very little of what have become superhero movie tropes - no annoyingly obvious sub-titles telling you which city and state we're in even when its blindingly obvious, no annoyingly forced exposition about what's happened in the intervening decades, no masses of CG sprinkled over city-wide enormo set pieces, no plethora of thinly sketched characters (because now, more IS better obviously), no awfully thought out, convoluted plot that thinks its incredibly clever when it isn't.....in fact, the best part of the film is summed up by the second act where literally nothing happens. A stunning piece of dialogue from Stewart about the simple pleasures in life that have been denied to them is worth ten smash-bang-wallop setpieces as finally, we get to see these characters. Not comic book characters, real characters.....

    .....and this is where cleverly the film uses all those previous films, both good and bad, and rather than trying to forget about them in a nudge nudge wink wink way, uses our investment in the characters to bring some pretty huge emotional beats. Rather than force us to feel the emotion (in the usual way - histrionic, syrupy score, scene after scene of wailing to the heavens, awful dialogue with last breath type thing), we just do. The film deals us these emotional beats simply and quickly and then its moved on, trusting us as the audience to know when to feel emotion....and by gum do we.

    A final word to the excellent marketing of this - its rare these days that I go into a film like this and not know the vast majority of the plot thanks to stupid trailers, interviews being given, reviews, etc. But I was caught off guard plenty of times with this and it was a really pleasant surprise and again, it shows the trust the filmmakers and the studio had in its audience that it didn't need to show all those key issues in the marketing. It knew that tone and feel and character was the most important thing about this film, not the minutiae of every single plot point. So kudos marketing team, kudos.

    A fantastic film, brilliantly played by all and a hugely fitting tribute to Jackman and his interpretation of this character. Superbly done.

    Its a nice presentation on UHD - it looks and sounds exactly as it should.....which isn't the last word in shiny and loud. Of course its nicely detailed with tonnes of fine detail in both close ups and wider shots, of course the colours look fantastic (the blacks don't crush and the whites only clip where I imagine they were supposed to) and of course it sounds crisp and deep and even (with the Atmos track just opening up the whole soundtrack to expand the soundstage to just outside instead of inside your room). But it's not up there with the likes of Pacific Rim or Deepwater Horizon as the last word in shiny new transfers. And that's exactly as it should be - it was an engaging transfer that did what it needed to do and not distracting from the stripped down, character driven approach of the film with an overtly shiny and distracting transfer. Probably not demo material then, but still really good and wholly appropriate and suitable for the film.

    Summary - as a fan of even the worst of these films (yes, I like Wolverine Origins....to a point!), I was always going to like this. But its so good in ways that I wasn't expecting that it feels....even better. I know there's always a degree of expectation and word of mouth on this has been pretty spectacular, but even then, it blew me away thanks to its cleverness and trust in the audience, rather than it just being more sweary and violent. Stunning stuff with a really good UHD presentation. Cannot recommend it enough.
    This item was purchased for $19.99 from Best Buy (US) in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • The trust the film places in its audience
    • The space the film and the characters get to not have to focus on ridiculous plot or overblown setpieces
    • Just a wonderful film......
    • ......with a really strong transfer


    • Nothing
    • Not a sausage
    • Nada



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