LG OLED65E7V User Review

  • mikey.b
    Terrible vertical banding
    Review of LG OLED65E7V OLED TV by mikey.b, Aug 30, 2017.
    I have just returned my 5th LG65E7V oled this morning after each one had awful vertical banding issues,Oled's were purchased from Seven Oakes/Crampton and Moore/and john Lewis.
    This spoilt what is a fantastic tv,but £4000+on an Oled with these poor quality control issues was not acceptable.I contacted Lg various directors at LG but none replied.
    I understand Sony A1 users are also seeing the banding issues,as its the same panel.
    I think because LG has to make so many Oled screens for themselves/Sony/Phillips/Panasonic the yield of quality screens is low ,so the quality control reflects that,unless you are Loewe
    .I am on the understanding they have a deal with LG and as such ,get the best screens.
    I will wait till next year and see if they improve the process and eradicate this banding issue.
    This item was purchased for £4400 from Seven Oakes/Crampton and Moore/and john Lewis. in 2017.


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    • vertical banding issues


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    • deon444
      Agree with you on the poor uniformity on these sets with the vertical banding. On my third one and all showed the same issue, all three had the same thick right side band alongside some other bands. Certainly not on for a set at this price.
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