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Hisense 65XT910 User Review

  • Hisensitive
    Strong panel with not so strong software
    Review of Hisense 65XT910 tv by Hisensitive, Mar 12, 2016.
    • Strongly pronounced curvature (measured <5 meter radius)
    • Notably tilted back stand
    • Only two HDMI 2.0, other two are 1.4 (one with ARC)
    • Three pairs of active shutter glasses were promised, only 1 came
    • Came with two remotes
    • Easy and well thought-out unpacking/stand mounting, did not try the wall mount
    • Sturdy and solid impression
    • Software somewhat clumsy, some settings are missing (eg. gamma), app store very basic and limited, some apps dont work properly, could not access media from network shares
    • Problems with PC connection (EDID problem, set shows as Hitachi 1980x1080, blurry and flickering text at 4K, ignoring the EDID and forcing 4:4:4 30Hz somewhat improved the image, but image quality still inferior to other, cheaper 4K TVs)
    • Shipped with Firmware F0821, as of March 2016, the German support could only provide a link to an even older version and had no knowledge of when newer versions will come, no updates available over-the-air or on German website (for comparison: UK customers have been at F1211 for months now, UK website features F1128 for download)
    • Average input lag (after deactivating some of the image processing), okay for desktop use (but due to blurry 4K image, currently not really suitable as a monitor)
    • HDR promised with firmware update
    • Colors reddish/purple and also with a yellowish tint - needs thorough calibration
    • Excellent movie watching experience, with deep blacks, awesome details and color nuances, high contrast and definition, both 4K and upscaled 1080 content looks great
    • Active 3D performs extremely well, with very detailed and clean, sharp images (especially at 4K, but also upscaled 1080)
    • Suprisingly powerful audio system, nice bass, however notable distortions when approaching 40% (or louder, which was hardly ever necessary with this set)
    This item was purchased for € 2700 from Universal Versand in 2016.


    • Great movie watching experience (after calibration), both 4K and upscaled 1080
    • Excellent 3D (especially in 4K) with great detail and sharpness
    • Deep blacks, fine detail, great color range and contrast
    • Strong curve (for those who like curved panels)
    • Hardware looks well manufactured, does not leave a cheap and fragile impression
    • Surprisingly powerful audio system


    • Problems handling 4K signal from PC, blurry flickering text, wrong EDID, currently not suitable as a 4K monitor
    • Stand tilted back strongly, not adjustable
    • Clumsy user experience (software), compared to other TVs in price range (or even much cheaper)
    • Very limited apps store
    • Inconsistencies in the firmware update distribution system
    • HDR currently (March 2016) only promised with firmware update
    • Mixed impression (compared to what the price would suggest)
    • Dark edges
    • Several faulty pixels
    • Calibrating colors not easy, not well pre-calibrated (red/purple and yellowish tints out of the box)

    Contrast/Dynamic Range/Black Level


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    Smart Features


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    Value for Money



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