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  • Coz22998
    Stop the press - it's not as bad as you think it will be!
    Review of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies UHD Blu-ray by Coz22998, Aug 4, 2016.
    So.......its really all about how bad the film is rather than is it any good isn't it? I mean, its such a ridiculous concept, splicing 19th century Austen with the undead, that it cant really be much cop can it.........?

    Yep. Its not great. But to be honest, it was better than I was expecting. After a hilarious opening credits animated scene explaining how zombies came to England ("people blamed the French......" :rotfl: ) it settles down into a film that pretty much equally balances the original story of manners (Mr & Mrs Bennett and who will marry their daughters?) and the undead horde-type flick. Each element could have worked on their own as well........but the problem for me is that the tone is off.

    For a film like this, we should have had it played more broadly for laughs - don't get me wrong, it has its funny moments (Matt Smith as the bumbling parson is a high point), but it tries to play it all, especially towards the end, seriously for the most part. And that's where it fails. By all means, have a 19th century zombie flick (period horror flicks are awesome - more films like Brotherhood of the Wolf please!!!!), but marrying it to P&P, where a lightness of touch and gentle comedy is the order of the day, means the ultra serious tone doesn't quite work.

    The cast are all game (Smith and James are stand outs, while the two Lannisters in this - Tywin and Cersei - have far too little to do and are completely wasted) and there is a pretty good riff on the zombies themselves, even if the overall dastardly plan of the boo hiss bad guy stretches credulity.....even for a zombie flick!!!! It looks suitably splendid (both the period settings and the zombie make up effects are pretty spot on) but the action scenes are horribly edited (all quick cuts that completely mask the action rather than enhance it). All in, it was a pretty fun nights watch (girls in corsets killing zombies? Its almost guaranteed to be at least 'fun' isn't it????) and far better than I was expecting after the sniffy reviews, but its nowt special really.

    Unlike the A/V experience. If this is another example of what UHD looks like on my aging 1080p kit, then that £600 investment in the panny player is the best thing I've done in ages. Its looks absolutely stunning, probably one of the best images I've ever had in my PJ - staggering levels of detail, colours that really run the gamut of deep blacks to bright colours that pop off the screen, it looked brilliant. Even the missus commented! The first time EVER she has talked about picture quality......and we've just finished season 3 of GoT on the PJ so if she thinks this is good....whoa! The Atmos soundtrack is equally brilliant - not a lot of spot effects (not many explosions and helicopters and such in the 18th century.......) but overall, the track almost blew my socks off. More LFE than your average sci-fi blockbuster pounded the room and the dynamic range also astounded - lets be honest the track wouldn't know the word 'subtle' if its life depended on it, but who cares when it was this much fun. A wonderful, room filling track. And another thing about these UHD discs? I don't feel guilty about skipping the extras as they're not on the disc - so hussah!! More time for actual, you know......movies!!!!!

    Summary - a better than expected film that actually does something interesting with them there undead (although a bit more zombie action in the first half wouldn't have gone a miss) but also pays respect to its literary origins. Its not bad but its not 'great' as its overall tone is far too serious. Stunning A/V experience mind - no idea how it stacks up against the regular BD of this, but who cares when the 2160p and Atmos version is so ruddy good!!! :love:
    This item was purchased for £25 from WowHD in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • This is what UHD is for....stunning audio and visuals
    • Girls in corsets killing zombies
    • The whole thing is far better than it has any right to be


    • The mix of Austen and the undead from a tone perspective isn't quite there
    • It should have been far funnier



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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