Ring Video Doorbell User Review

  • plusfivedotfun
    Still interested and engaged after 3 months with the Ring Video Doorbell
    Review of Ring Video Doorbell Smart Home Product by plusfivedotfun, Dec 7, 2017.
    The Ring Video Doorbell was my first smart device. Other than my phone of course.

    I think it’s cool. Overall I’m still interested and engaged with the product after 3 months of living with it. There are a few quirks. The battery is a concern. I charge it about every 3-4 weeks. WiFi strength / signal is a concern. When my router was in the basement, I struggled to use the live view and would miss notifications. After moving the router to the main floor I have a much better connection. The notifications are sometimes delayed. I’ve gotten notifications for the doorbell and I’ll answer it right away and by the time the live view loads, I see the delivery guy at the end of my driveway walking away.

    As I said, I’m still engaged with the product. I see room for improvement but the benefits are great. I’ve been able to chase solicitors away while lying in bed. I’ve been able to answer the doorbell when delivery guys ring and I’m not home. I’ll get motion sensor notifications and live stream it. I’ve seen cars passing by, people walking their dogs. I’ve since reduced the motion sensor zone as it gets to be too much for my tastes.

    -- plusfive.fun
    This item was purchased in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • able to chase solicitors away while lying in bed
    • able to answer the doorbell when delivery guys ring and I’m not home


    • The battery is a concern
    • WiFi strength / signal is a concern





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