Star Trek Beyond User Review

  • Johno0885
    Star Trek Beyond UHD 4K HDR
    Review of Star Trek Beyond UHD Blu-ray by Johno0885, Dec 9, 2016.
    You have to be a Star Trek Lover to enjoy this.
    Maybe one of the best of the new films JJ Abrams and Justin Lin.
    Running time 122 Minutes , Dolby Atmos , Dolby 5.1 Surround.
    The last time of seeing Anton Yelchin the new Pavel Chekov , He
    played a very solid role , He will be missed. A Tribute to the
    Late Great Leonard Nimoy another that will be Missed.
    Not to spoil the movie I will say there is lots of action and effects.
    On the 4k version on disc 2there is a Tribute to Nimoy and Anton.
    Too many people complain about boring same old grind .
    Not to happy that changes were made to Pollute Star Trek time line
    that put aside I grew up on Star Trek the original Series and I do
    like other SIFI shows , this one puts them between a rock and a hard
    place with only little time to save many as they go on a rescue mission
    but end up in more trouble than they bargained for , Trashed another
    USS Enterprise , this time Marooned.
    This item was purchased for $40.00AUD from JB HIFI in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Great story line special effects , action packed


    • A bit slow in places



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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