Sony XZ Premium User Review

  • samdavies
    Sony XZ Premium (Chrome). It's not perfect but there's so much to love!
    Review of Sony XZ Premium Mobile Phone by samdavies, Jun 16, 2017.
    I've had this phone a few weeks now and I absolutely love it! I've had 2 generations of Samsung edge displays and I needed a design change. I find Sony to be much more sophisticated in terms of design and software than offerings from Samsung and LG after owning recent iterations from the 3.

    Granted if this phone wasn't offered in a silver/metal version i may not have been drawn to buying it so much. I've just wanted another silver phone ever since I swapped out my HTC m8 3(?) years ago. Daft reason to want a phone, but hey call me vain I don't mind. I actually really like the design. its simple and elegant and much more ergonomic than you'd think. Yes it definitely could do with a few mm's off the top and top bottom as those the bezels are to much, but that's life. It is bloody slippery too, the ever so slightly protruding top and bottom pieces do help to stop it falling out of your hand at the last minute though thankfully. It does slide off everything mind you and fingerprints gallor! - but I knew about that prior to purchasing and still accept it as a reasonable trade off for the beautiful chrome effect.

    It's super snappy, completely un-bloated UI experience is refreshing and I like all Sony's smart little add ins for the most part that Samsung just overdid imo and seemed still a bit childish. I had to port a beta version of HTC's sense onto my s6 and s7 edge's to be able to stand them. I don't feel I'll need to on the Sony. The simplicity, response and prime placement of the fingerprint scanner on the xz premium is perfect for me. It makes turning on the screen a dream - if one can dream about such things.

    The 4K screen is absolutely amazing. Breathtaking. Yes its small, but its so good. HDR is nicely effective to and I'm glad for the gimmick. Speaking of gimmicks the ultra slow mo camera is so impressive. I'll be fiddling with it forever. Granted the phase autofocus is not as impressive as the s7 edge as of yet and neither is the low light shooting actually. I really wish they has combined the lens with at least an f1.8 aperture. But you can't have it all.. I'm not really an big indoor or night time shooter anyway. The selfie cam is much better than previous phones I've had as well. Far more detail, wider field of view and surprisingly good low light performance.

    Battery life is fantastic - which was a worry with the power hungry display. Definitely matches the s7 edge for standby ad web browsing etc.. Very happy there so far. My only other major gripe is the stereo speakers. They're great for when you're watching something on the phone, but the moment you put it on its back to play music and walk just that little further away from the phone the sound just gets lost in an mid to large room. The single speaker on the s7 edge was far louder. I am actually quite irritated by this, but I've got headphones and google cast speakers all over the house so I'll live for my year cycle.

    This phone is not perfect, and I'll probably be back to sammy with the s9 edge iteration next year if there's enough of an improvement offered over the s7.. (I felt the s8 offered nothing new but a stretched out screen and an even more awkwardly positioned fingerprint scanner) But the XZ Premium has high usability, great battery life, an industry leading screen, a fun camera feature and it looks absolutely gorgeous to me. Make it half a cm shorter, double the loudness on the speakers and add better low light main cam capabilities and i'd very nearly give it a 10!
    This item was purchased for £650 from Sony in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Fantastic 4K HDR Screen
    • Entertaining Slow-mo camera effect
    • Pro Battery life
    • Gorgeous and Sophisticated Design


    • Poor low light main camera shots
    • Unimpressive speaker volume
    • Top and bottom bezel's are a little excessive







    Call and Signal Quality


    Operating System


    Email, Browsing, Calandar, Contacts


    Media support




    App support and functionality


    Build Quality




    Value for Money

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