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  • Soundizer
    SONY KD-65XE9305 review
    Review of Sony KD-55XE9305 LED LCD TV by Soundizer, Apr 21, 2017.
    I have the XE93 which I purchased from Currys and was delivered/installated 14th of April. £3,199 including the Sony X800 UHD HDR - Blu Ray player (2017 new model). I was going to buy this X800 Blu Ray Player anyway so happy with the offer.

    I saw the XE93 and XE90 side by side at a Sony center in March, playing same content and similar settings. Sony did not have the offer at the time so i decided to wait. It was obvious that the XE93 had the superior picture, very noticably much more detail and brighter.

    So far from 25 hours viewing I can share the following from using the TV Native Android Apps (NETFLIX, AMAZON VIDEO, BBC iPLAYER, YOUTUBE, VEVO, VIMEO).




    Four settings used:
    (1) SDR Daytime settings in Cinema Home mode.
    (2) HDR Daytime settings in Cinema Home mode.
    (3) SDR Night settings in Cinema Pro mode.
    (4) HDR Night settings in Cinema Home mode.
    This item was purchased for £3,199 from Currys in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Colours look very natural.
    • Auto HDR mode TURNS ON automatically when ever there is HDR Content on NETFLIX & AMAZON VIDEO. No need to change picture settings.
    • Bright pricture if you need it.
    • No dead pixels as often the case by other sub qiuality control manufacturers.
    • Good uniformity of picture.
    • HDMI ARC works perfectly with my BOSE Soundbar.
    • Good internal DAC for Headphone audio connection - much better than they need to be for a TV.
    • Superb Build quality.
    • Google Voice via remote is very responsive and accurate - about as good as Apple TV siri remote
    • 1080p upscaling is impressive. Better than some HDR content.
    • 4k UHD content looks amazing and better than some HDR content.


    • Too much reflection. Very very suprised that on the popular YouTube Review sites this abvious flaw has not been picked up or even mentioned. There is WAY to much reflection. WARNING - ONLY GET THIS TV IF YOU HAVE A VERY DARK VIEWING AREA, OR NIGHT TIME VIEWING. EVEN AT NIGHT THE LIGHT FROM THE TV INTO A DARK ROOM CAUSED REFLECTION. IT IS LIKE A MIRROR.
    • Not as impressed with HDR content as people have promoted. Basically even at Night the HDR content from (Marco Polo on Netflix) & (Patriot on Amazon Prime) = too dark. Dark scenes are just too dark and also the TV reflection as in point 1 above, makes the problem worse. NETFLIX - Iron Fist (HDR) looks terrible you can see dots and is so bad.
    • Glowing Blooming around white subtitles even with Extended Dynamic Range turned off.
    • Very minor letter box issues with white hallowing - some times. Not a major issue to me.
    • Poorly designed remote control and feels cheap.
    • Remote needs to be pointed to TV to work. Very outdated connectivity.
    • Should not have to keep changing picture modes depending on Daytime and night viewing - should be automatic. My iPad brightness auto setting works really well. Why is something like this not properly implemented.

    Contrast/Dynamic Range/Black Level


    Screen Uniformity


    Colour Accuracy


    Greyscale Accuracy


    Video Processing


    2D Picture Quality


    3D Picture Quality


    Picture Quality Out-Of-The-Box


    Picture Quality Calibrated


    Sound Quality


    Smart Features


    Build Quality


    Ease Of Use


    Value for Money



    • gizlaroc
      Have you kept the light sensor turned on?

      I know it is not the done thing on these forums to do so, but Sony is the only brand where I think it is a benefit.
      If you set the backlight to MAX and turn on the ambient light sensor it will drop down to where it should be when the room gets darker, sure when it cranks it up when lots of ambient light is in the room it skews the image slightly, but who cares during those viewing conditions?

      I have not seen the XE93 but I think it is worth a try.
    • preuser3

      ECO rubbish and light /bright senors are always [OFF] here ,I always run my two Sony TV's back-light at max thats the only way you can get anthing out of the cheap panels and poor back lights in *my two Sonys:rotfl:

      OTOH I have brightness jones
      so the new Samsung KS8* 1474 NIT HDR 1000 QDOT panel is 17 of 20 back-light and sometimes much less at late late night out of necessity and I have a 65K white ambient back light behind the TV also like everyone should .

      I saw the Sony X930E with some other TV's at best buy magnolia with carefully selected up to 4K HDR content of mine and could not justify the price gap *for me *from my panel binned Samsung direct ultra black moth eye FA01 Panel code Samsung UN 55KS 8000 1st cousin to UE KS 7000 .

      The Sony X930E is certainly decent and brighter but beyond that there is nothing there IMO to justify the price gap *for me * and it's still an LCD ,of course YMMV and it's a decent TV as long as it can stay working which given my last two Sony TV's did not make 2 years I wont take a chance on at that price .

      The Mpeg compressed Service provider TV processing is slightly better on the Samsung UN KS 8000 and some Samsungs in general also .

      Setting aside the Sony X930E superior active edge dimming and stronger panel lamps and DC voltage rails for brightness I think The Samsung direct FA01 panel LCD cell I have is better than whats in the Sony X930E like almost anything on the planet was in my edge bleeding color banding poor black level useless for HDR 2015 Sony 55X850C .

      Both prior Sony TV's of mine didn't make 2 years and were basically a disappointment all around here when they worked

      The Sony X930E is certainly much better and a way better panel than the 55-X850C all over and if it doesn't break down certainly a very formidable range topping 4K wide color HDR LCD TV thats hard to beat .

      I hope your new TV works well and the rest of them in general, we need Sony to keep Samsung on thier toes and the other way around too .

      The upside is the new HDR 1000 QDOT Samsung in here is free from Square trade warranty without cash out of pocket I was anticipating for an upgrade I was shopping anyway .

      ,I fixed the 2013 Sony Bravia panel lamps here ,we have it in another room .

      I am finishing up repairing (rebuilding) the 2015 Sony 55X850C I got to keep for another room for $200.00 of new Salvage parts and some T3 Transistors and so on that would not happen in a repair shop on that Sony given simultaneous major failures including the main board and LED lamps in the panel that started all that due to a poor thermal design, insufficient MTBF parts like a lot of TV's now and cheap hot running LED 's in the cheap panel .

      The Sony 55X850 is still plausible for a 4K wide color SDR TV here in a room at my place because thats basically what it is but with HDR processing.

      These Sony X850C had a lot of big problems from day one and Sony went though a lot of the usual warranty spares and panel spares .

      Maybe the newer Sony TV's are much more dependable ,they look just fine and play very well especially the way cool Sony OLED but any spendy TV needs an extended warranty now anyway .
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