Pioneer SC-LX57-K User Review

  • kushi
    Review of Pioneer SC-LX57-K AV Receiver by kushi, Jun 8, 2014.
    I bought this 2 weeks ago after checking reviews seemed a good buy. My first av receiver, upgrading from a stereo amp so quite a steep learning curve with all the many variables to setup. I found it hard to match the stereo amps performance particularly in regard to base response. After tweaking the equaliser to boost the levels I managed to get it quite good. After a week the DVD went missing from the selector dial but was ok to find from the remote. I did a full reset back to defaults and it came back OK. Now the output from the main HDMI has gone, the other zone outs are OK so the cable is good, looks like a hardware problem with the socket maybe as reset has no effect. The thing is quite complex so maybe there is a setting that will fix it. Sadly they dont supply a manual with the amp just a copy on disc so you have to read it on the PC or print out 132 of PDF. I hate pdf you read the left side of the page, scrolling down then have to scroll back up that page (without jumping a page to find the next sentence. With this manual there a re lots of cross references so you go from page 79 which send you to 48 which sends you somewhere else. So a complex learning experience is made worse.

    For my old stereo discs I get a superior stereo sound out of my 30 year oldKkenwood amp it really gives a top sound on my old 15" Goodman's speakers which the Pioneer doesn't seem to take advantage of. You don't see large speakers any more, all the stores selling 8 or maybe 10" at most and relying on a sub for base. It seems my taste in sound is out of fashion. Perhaps its because sending all the data to produce full quality base sound takes up so much more bandwidth to download.

    I have been playing stereo CD's using the THX to get the home theater speakers running and it sounds good however it seems the amp gets confused and fades in and out especially the low frequencies. It sounds like the volume on select frequencies is being turned down and up. guess trying to expect a stereo input to be 'surrounded' is not the thing to do, but its nice to have the room fill from the other speakers. Its not too noticeable though

    Sorry to be a bit negative but on the positive the surround sound in movies is awesome.

    Will get back with how I got the HDMI problem fixed
    This item was purchased for NZ$3500 from AUCKLAND in 2014. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • great surround sound


    • complex, HDMI out fail,

    Sound Quality






    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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