Rogue One: A Star Wars Story User Review

  • Stuart Wright
    Some awesome ideas and sits perfectly as episode 3.9
    Review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie by Stuart Wright, Dec 16, 2016.
    So it was a very enjoyable movie.
    The action was satisfying - especially the space battle.
    The references to Star Wars I felt I got a fair few of. On further research I missed those from the clone wars series which I haven't watched.
    It was utterly brilliant to cut in the shots of Red Leader and Gold Leader.
    And a fantastic idea to make Tarkin an important character, though the 'uncanny valley' effect struck and he stood out clearly as CGI. Maybe more money could have made him seem real. I was really impressed with the idea, but the execution simply wasn't good enough.
    Amazing that the entire Rogue One crew died in their successful effort to get the plans to the alliance.
    And how bad ass was Vader?
    Yeah, I'll enjoy watching it again on Blu-ray.
    I was thinking 7/10 when walking out of the cinema, but on reflection, I'd say 8.


    • Links to episode 4 were inspired
    • Great action
    • Committed plot


    • Dodgy CGI in specific places
    • Forgettable music. Too few Star Wars musical themes


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