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  • benmbe
    Solo review: I knew I was going to enjoy this....
    Review of Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie by benmbe, Jun 5, 2018.
    Solo review: I knew that I was going to enjoy this....

    Review of Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie by benmbe, A moment ago.

    This personal review is just that and is subjective from person to person of course, So here goes my little contribution.
    I went to see this feature Sunday 03rd of June 19:30 3D screening.

    I had seen the trailers months before and was excited at the prospect of going to see this on the BIG screen. tbh I knew that this was going to be all that the last jedi wasn't.

    From the opening sequence and then throughout the movie what struck me with the plenty of WOW! moments, story, acting from the lead character (Solo,) (perfect match for this role and I sincerely hope this Actor does well) and equally also to all the rest of the cast what I truly appreciated about the whole movie was the feeling that struck me personally throughout, was the same feelings I had as a kid, when watching the original Star Wars when they first arrived on these UK shores in 1977.

    What A great experience and a rare one at that these days.............
    Director Ron Howard, was handed the reigns during problems that were encountered in the time of production, however respect and many elements were retained from the previous parties, and the whole thing harmonised well.

    With joy and captivation glued to my reclining seat and smiling, laughing at the humour, Lando Calrissian character was superb, the circumstances that brought Han Solo and Chewbacca together & the forming of their friendship was well written and conveyed on screen.

    The mountain mono railway sequence and hijacking, and attacking parties trying to jeopardize their mission, the scenery was outstanding.

    Explosion whoa! [​IMG] .......You will know when you see this Guys.

    All I would mention is do not underestimate the hidden twists and turns within the storyline that were perfectly conveyed and the fact that I was emotionally invested and submerged with each character is a testament of how good this Movie was.......Never conclude, or assume during your viewing

    The conveyance of further adventures toward the end of this movie was encouraging and hope this materialises.
    The 12 Parsec speed record mentioned in the original (1977 new hope) and how this was achieved, was a thrill ride in itself.
    Well done and thank you Avforums for the opportunity to submit this review here.


    • Story, Picture, Sound and each Character were completely believable from start to finish.
    • The truly feel good factor when a walked away..... was very rare and truly welcome


    • To be honest for me personally there were no negatives or / cons.


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